Plus One Robotics and Tompkins Robotics Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver State of the Art Sorting and Picking for High-Volume Warehouses

Companies combined technologies will offer more efficient ecommerce fulfillment with robotic sortation for parcel and unit-sorting, scaling automation in warehouses across the country

March 28—Atlanta, GA — Plus One Robotics, a leading manufacturer of 3D and AI-powered vision software, today announced a partnership with Tompkins Robotics, a global leader focused on robotic automation of distribution and fulfillment operations. The two companies are teaming up to offer an automated picking solution combining Plus One Robotics 3D and AI software with Tompkins Robotics tSort system.

The partnership will allow Plus One's software and Tompkins AMRs to provide optimized solutions for high-volume ecommerce fulfillment and distribution centers. The combined technologies are more flexible at allowing sorting and classifying new package shapes and types, boosting throughput rates while experiencing less downtime.
"We are thrilled to be combining Plus One's 3D and AI software with Tompkins cutting-edge robots," said Brent Barcey, VP Business Development for Plus One Robotics. "Supply chains and warehouses are stretched now more than ever with higher demands for faster material processing and the constant challenge of manpower shortages. This partnership will allow us to deploy scalable solutions for customers looking for significant reductions in operating times and costs.

"Joining tSort with Plus One's induction robots is marrying two innovative and cutting-edge robotics solutions that offer end customers expedited and accurate parcel and unit sortation," said Mike Futch, President and CEO of Tompkins Robotics. "The combined system will provide for greater flexibility not only in warehouses, but in distribution centers as well as restocking in stores."

Plus One presented at MODEX today, speaking about what's next in industrial automation and examining how technology is enabling digitization of supply chain at a pace never seen before. Attendees of MODEX are encouraged to stop by the Plus One booth #B3627 to learn more about the partnership and see live demonstrations of the two firms systems integrated operation.

For more information on Plus One's vision software and warehouse applications, or the partnership, please visit

About Plus One Robotics, Inc.
Plus One Robotics was founded in 2016, with a mission to bring leading-edge 3D and AI vision to industrial robots, enabling hand-eye coordination for material handling in the warehouse. Founded by computer vision and robotics industry veterans, Plus One's novel approach to human/robot collaboration and supervised autonomy ensures fast, accurate, and scalable solutions, with one person able to manage many robots simultaneously. Plus One's customers include logistics and ecommerce leaders in the Fortune 100; the company is headquartered in San Antonio with offices in Boulder and The Netherlands. Visit for more information, and follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

About Tompkins Robotics:
Tompkins Robotics is a global leader focused on the robotic automation of distribution operations. Our primary system, t-Sort, consists of autonomous mobile robots that sort a wide range of items and parcels to consolidation points. t-Sort is a portable, automated material handling sortation system that is creating a huge paradigm shift in the supply chain and how the basic distribution function of order fulfillment is accomplished. We continue to expand this core system with new innovative robotic systems such as tSort3D and the xChange to automate processes in fulfillment operations. Our systems maximize performance with mobile, scalable, and flexible robotics solutions that grow and change on-demand to meet customer needs. We create profit and value for our clients, making them more agile and adaptable to the highly dynamic changes in the marketplace. For more information, please visit Tompkins Robotics.

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