Vecna Robotics Partners with Forklift Leader Big Joe to Introduce a New Co-Bot Pallet Jack that Augments Throughput by 45%

Entry-level Vecna CPJ Brings Intelligent, Flexible Material Handling Robotics Solutions to Labor-intensive “In-between” Workflows That Have Been Long Ignored by Automation

Vecna Robotics, the leader in flexible material handling automation solutions, today jointly announced at MODEX 2022 with Big Joe, the market leader in pedestrian material handling equipment, its latest autonomous offering for labor-intensive material-handling workflows called the Vecna CPJ. This revolutionary co-bot pallet jack is uniquely designed to bring human-assisted robotics to warehouses and manufacturing facilities with labor-intensive workflows that have been long ignored by robotics automation, including shorter distances, lower throughput, and tighter spaces. Internal simulations and field tests reveal up to 45% improvement in throughput versus human work only.

There are over 5 billion pallets in circulation and nearly 5 million manual pallet jacks at work moving them every day. With 70% of the total cost of moving those pallets being labor - and severe labor shortages crippling supply chains - Big Joe and Vecna Robotics identified a clear need for an autonomous material handling solution to handle "in-between" loads. The new offering combines Vecna Robotics' proven expertise in autonomous mobile robots and orchestration with Big Joe's trusted material handling hardware. Together, the two companies provide an easy-to-use, on-demand labor automation service that frees up human workers to focus on higher-value tasks.

"The last 18 months had driven huge demand for AMRs like autonomous forklifts, but current offerings are typically only accessible to very large facilities," said Craig Malloy, CEO at Vecna Robotics. "Our CPJ is a game-changer as it allows facilities of varied sizes to address their immediate labor shortages with intelligent material handling robots. The new solution works seamlessly alongside human workers and automates a broader range of payloads, workflows, and environments that the market is not currently addressing."

To maximize the accessibility of the product and help with immediate labor shortages, Vecna CPJ will be available through a Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) pricing model that is designed to support easy onboarding of robotics solutions and deliver rapid savings without the need for large CapEx budgets.

"Bringing solutions to market that empower workers to better manage in-between material handling tasks is a core to who we are," said Bill Pedriana, CMO of Big Joe. "We are thrilled to be working with an industry leader like Vecna Robotics to bring our first robotics offering to the masses together. Their intelligent and easy to deploy system will help our joint customers make moving workloads far more efficient day one."

Vecna Robotics' customers, including GEODIS and Shape Corp., trust the company's material handling automation solutions to simplify workflows and increase throughput.

"Vecna Robotics' new co-bot platform is an innovative, accessible solution for improving productivity in labor-intensive, underserved workflows across the warehouse. We look forward to future tests of the platform and continued innovation from Vecna Robotics on automating material handling workflows," said Andy Johnston, Senior Director of Innovation at GEODIS in Americas.

"Vecna Robotics' CPJ is a versatile platform that complements our future deployments, while the flexibility and simplicity of operation allows us to tackle new use cases. We look forward to expanding our work with Vecna and incorporating this into our other workflows to automate our material handling processes," added Mahesh Nikam, Shape Excellence Systems Manager, Shape Corp.

Vecna Robotics also collaborated with industry leader Quanergy Systems (NYSE: QNGY) on the lidar technology used by the CPJ to enable mass-market adoption and democratize access to automation.

"The time to democratize automation in material handling is now. This technology has long been exclusive to early adopters or those in select industries with large budgets for innovation," said Enzo Signore, CMO at Quanergy. "In collaboration with Vecna Robotics, we have a unique opportunity to deliver a true co-bot solution to help companies overcome dire labor shortage issues with technology that can be immediately deployed, virtually out-of-the-box."

Available for purchase by the end of 2022, Vecna CPJ will offer the following:

Flexible configurations for moving a variety of pallets, carts, racks, bins, and other payloads up to 3,300 lbs. / 1,500 kg
Full AMR functionality, including intelligent route planning, obstacle circumvention, and transport at an accessible entry point
Seamless switching between autonomous and manual control, easy onboarding, user-friendly UI/UX for intuitive programming and collaborative workflows
Enterprise-class automation to historically underserved workflows, including pallet and tote consolidation, pick-to-packout, QA/QC/rework, and dunnage retrieval
Productivity boosts with collaborative human-robot workflows at large, multi-shift enterprise sites with tight spaces
Intelligent human-robot orchestration, autonomy, interoperability, remote monitoring, and analytics powered by Vecna's Pivotal™ software
To learn more about the Vecna CPJ and test drive the new offering, stop by showcase booth #C7485 or demo booth #B8837 at MODEX or visit

About Vecna Robotics

Vecna Robotics is an award-winning flexible, intelligent material handling automation company with solutions engineered for seamless work between autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and the labor, equipment, facilities, and systems that make business go. Our self-driving forklifts, pallet trucks, pallet jacks and tuggers -- powered by Vecna's Pivotal™ orchestration software and 24/7/365 Command Center -- help distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing organizations automate their most critical workflows, maximize throughput and scale operations fast. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Big Joe

Big Joe is an industry leader in pedestrian lift trucks having pioneered their designs and development for over 70 years. Today, Big Joe manufactures and distributes a broad line of compact electric pallet jacks, walkie stackers, forklifts and Joey task support vehicles throughout North America and Australia. Many of the latest Big Joe models feature advanced lithium battery technologies and automation ready designs which are a strategic focus for the brand moving forward. For more information, visit

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