Leading eCommerce Third-Party Logistics Provider - Fulfyld - Selects inVia Robotics’ Award-Winning Automation System to Fulfill Orders Faster

inVia Picker robots will supplement Fulfyld’s workforce ensuring SLAs (service legal agreements) are maintained despite labor shortage

Westlake Village, CA (May 3, 2022) — inVia Robotics — the leader in eCommerce fulfillment automation systems — has been selected by Fulfyld, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider specializing in eCommerce fulfillment — to integrate a full WES (warehouse execution system) and AMR (autonomous mobile robots) solution into its Huntsville, Alabama warehouse.

Built specifically to address the unique challenge of random access to inventory required with eCommerce fulfillment, inVia's robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) suite integration will be deployed into Fulfyld's existing facilities while they continue fulfilling orders without disruption to daily operations. The system will include:

● inVia PickerWall system including a fleet of inVia Picker AMRs
● inVia Logic, the AI-powered WES software
● inVia's Robotics Operation Center (ROC) for 24/7 monitoring and support

Fufyld will benefit from a reliable workforce of inVia Picker robots to do all of the nonstop traveling to retrieve each day's ordered SKUs and deliver it to inVia's dynamic put and pick wall where people pick individual items. The result is people walking only inches between picks versus miles, and pick rates increasing 4-5X.

As eCommerce businesses continue to flourish, the needs of 3PLs have rapidly evolved. Traditionally, retail store fulfillment took less labor because full cases and pallets of like SKUs were being shipped. In contrast, eCommerce orders are made up of an ever-changing combination of SKUs, all in small quantities and headed to different locations. This has created the need for more labor, all during a time when labor has never been scarcer.

"We've specifically designed our system to increase productivity in eCommerce operations where more labor is required to ship directly to consumers," says Lior Elazary, CEO and Co-Founder of inVia Robotics. "As consumer demands for next or same-day delivery increase and labor supplies decrease, we're able to help 3PLs keep up and meet their SLAs. We are honored to have been chosen by Fulfyld to automate their fulfillment operations and look forward to helping to strengthen their business."

inVia's systems are offered on a subscription basis, where customers pay only for the productivity of the system. There are no big capital outlays or burdens of equipment ownership and maintenance, and technology updates are included in the price of the system. So, as new features and performance enhancements are added, customers seamlessly benefit from the updates. inVia operates the robotics system with 24/7 monitoring and support and ensures labor - both people and robots - is managed throughout the day to get orders out on time.

"inVia's RaaS model is ideal for eCommerce fulfillment 3PLs like ours, because it allows us to avoid large CapEx, which ultimately helps Fulfyld deliver better pricing to customers," says AJ Khanijow, CEO of Fulfyld.

"It also extends our operations resources, not only by supplementing our workforce with robots, but also by finding greater efficiencies in our workflows so our teams can work smarter," says Spencer Mundt, Chief Operating Officer of Fulfyld. "We looked at all of the automation solutions on the market, and only inVia delivered the level of flexibility and productivity increases we needed for the level of service we're committed to giving our customers."

For more information on inVia Robotics and its unique eCommerce fulfillment automation system, please visit www.inviarobotics.com.

About inVia Robotics
inVia Robotics is an award-winning automation company that provides the next generation of warehouse optimization solutions. Our system leverages autonomous mobile robots and AI-driven warehouse orchestration software to help e-commerce businesses and 3PLs automate and optimize material flow across fulfillment centers. We deliver our comprehensive automation services as a subscription, and our systems are built to deploy quickly and without disruption to existing operations. The results are a 4-5X increase in productivity and accuracy rates of 99.9% - at a fraction of the cost of traditional automation. Learn more about how we can optimize your operations at www.inviarobotics.com.

About Fulfyld
Fulfyld is a top-rated 3PL with a focus on providing high growth B2C e-commerce brands with best-in-class warehousing and fulfillment services. Ecommerce companies around the globe trust Fulfyld with managing their order fulfillment and appreciate our innovative approach to providing unparalleled customer service, inventory management and flat-rate pricing.
We don't turn order fulfillment into rocket science. Our goal is to handle the "dirty" part of ecommerce, which enables brands to focus on innovating and selling. Fulfyld integrates directly with all major e-commerce marketplaces and shopping carts to simplify the fulfillment process. We ship same-day, every day, for one flat-rate. Learn how Fulfyld can supercharge your brand at www.fulfyld.com.

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