OTTO Motors Latest Software Release Enables Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to Drive Faster and More Predictably, Helping Manufacturers Achieve Higher Throughput

Customers rely on us to provide the most productive and safe industrial robots as they tackle supply chain issues and target 24x7, uninterrupted operations.

OTTO Motors today announced the release of a software upgrade that significantly increases the speed of its material handling autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The release improves AMR speed by as much as ten percent for OTTO 1500 v1.2, a longtime workhorse for the company. By continuously improving the AMR software, OTTO Motors ensures that their robots become faster, safer, more reliable, and more productive with a higher return on investment the longer customers own them.

"Customers rely on us to provide the most productive and safe industrial robots as they tackle supply chain issues and target 24x7, uninterrupted operations," said Jay Judkowitz, VP of Product at OTTO Motors. "The latest software release significantly lowers mission completion times for our robots, directly impacting the overall throughput and ROI for the customers. We also aim to enhance overall user experience in this release, increasing efficiency for plant managers and floor managers. We are laser focused on continuously upgrading our product."

OTTO Motors' previous software release in June 2022 armed customers with sophisticated tools to analyze their system, identify risks, and optimize their AMR-driven material flow.

OTTO Motors' latest software release is packed with multiple new features. Below are some of the highlights:

Improved AMR speed for higher throughput

Introducing Graph-based Planner, an improved robot path-planning method which ensures faster mission planning, more predictable routes and smoother and faster turning; resulting in lower takt times and a higher ROI for the customer.
Improvements in the average speed of the OTTO AMRs as they get smarter at detecting small objects on the ground from a distance. This enables them to maneuver swiftly and smoothly around any obstacle.
Increased ease-of-use and faster troubleshooting

Introducing Auto-localization, an exciting new feature that triggers robots to localize on their own with one click of a button. Results are near instantaneous and require no effort from the user.
Introducing easy-to-use bag collection tool that helps operators and floor managers get speedy troubleshooting support for 3D cameras on the OTTO AMRs. It will enable users to capture video data with minimal effort and help them maximize uptime.
Customers can now experiment with Blockly, a visual programming editor that allows them to tell robots what to do without having to write code. Using this simple interface, customers can create user-defined workflows for the robots and implement custom handling of events like safety stops.
OTTO Motors has enabled manufacturers in various industries including automotive, industrial, and consumer goods to adopt automation and reduce their material handling costs to as low as $9 per hour. Their latest software release is another step in helping organizations create safer and more productive work environments where AMRs tackle repetitive and dangerous tasks, while humans handle more specialized jobs.

To learn more about the exciting feature in the latest release, please visit the blog here.

To see the full fleet of OTTO AMRs with the latest features applied, visit OTTO Motors Booth 1211 at the AMR & Logistics Conference in Boston from October 10-13, 2022.

About OTTO Motors

OTTO Motors provides autonomous mobile robots for material handling inside manufacturing facilities and warehouses. With over three million hours of driving experience, OTTO is trusted for mission-critical deliveries in the most demanding of industrial environments. Seventy percent of OTTO's customers are Fortune 500 companies and include some of the world's most recognized brands, including GE and Toyota. For more information, visit

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