PACK EXPO 2022: Coesia brings a comprehensive exhibition focusing on sustainability, digital platforms, and customer service

Global packaging leader focuses on automation to address operational inefficiencies and boost performance across industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care

CHICAGO (Oct. 11, 2022) - Coesia (, a global group specialized in innovative industrial and packaging solutions, announces its lineup for PACK EXPO International in Chicago. At booth S-2501, a dozen Coesia member companies will feature their latest automation solutions targeted at various points throughout a production line, from handling raw materials to primary and secondary packaging, and end-of-line solutions.

"Our customers are adapting to meet the demands of transformative consumer trends like sustainability, SKU proliferation, and e-commerce, while dealing with significant, long-term labor challenges," says Alessandro Parimbelli, CEO, Coesia. "Engineering and adapting new technology into our portfolio of equipment and service offerings is addressing the need for manufacturers to have dynamic, flexible and highly efficient solutions that are more intuitive to operate. That is exactly what PACK EXPO attendees will experience across every inch of the Coesia booth."

In addition to highlighting solutions that address a variety of packaging line challenges, the Coesia booth experience features three key themes that characterize the company's vision of reliable, efficient automated processes:

• Sustainability - Alongside packaging machines compatible with sustainable paper-based materials or single-material plastic films, a dedicated shelf of sustainable solutions will allow attendees to explore more than 50 sustainable packaging solutions, appropriate for a range of applications.
• Digital platforms - Booth visitors can see Coesia's proprietary, smart human-machine interface (HMI), OptiMate, and industrial internet of things (IIoT) platform for real-time machine monitoring, PerforMate. Both systems will be present on various packaging machines at the booth. A dedicated Coesia digital corner will feature two other technologies - HyperMate, a manufacturing operations management software and Ultimate, an advanced software platform for analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
• Customer service - Attendees can explore extensive support capabilities, from consultative services for assessing system efficiency and driving improvement, to a comprehensive online platform for spare parts. The company also offers service agreements with a suite of structured offerings that operations can tailor to their needs, as well as remote assistance that leverages remote connectivity and collaboration tools to provide high-quality, effective technical support even without being physically present.

To help visitors find innovations tailored for their specific industry, the booth is organized into three main areas, covering food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and personal care, and cross-industry automation. Each area will showcase multiple machines with the latest industry-centric enhancements demonstrated daily.

"Our customers represent a very wide range of industries, and in turn have a diverse set of challenges," adds Parimbelli. "Whether you're looking for a wrapping machine to handle chocolate pralines, packaging and filling solutions for over-the-counter drugs, in-line printing options, collaborative robots or searching for a partner to develop the next generation of your packaging line, we bring together the right solutions and experts that are tailored to address the particular needs of specific segments, all under one roof."

The booth includes 12 Coesia Group companies: ACMA, Atlantic Zeiser, CITUS KALIX, FlexLink, G.D, GF, HAPA, MGS, NORDEN, R.A Jones, Tritron and VOLPAK.

About Coesia
Coesia is a group of 21 companies specializing in highly innovative industrial and packaging solutions based in Bologna, Italy. Coesia companies are leaders in the fields of advanced automatic machines, packaging materials, industrial process solutions and precision gears. Coesia's customers operate in a wide range of industries such as aerospace, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, healthcare, automotive, tobacco, consumer and luxury goods.

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