BlueBotics to demonstrate AGV/AMR interoperability and help companies build the business case for mobile robotics at ProMAT 2023

A leader in autonomous navigation, BlueBotics will demonstrate interoperability through a multi-brand AGV/AMR fleet demo and host an expert seminar to help companies build the business case for mobile robotics.

St-Sulpice, Switzerland: A provider of market-leading natural feature navigation with over 4,000 installed vehicles worldwide, BlueBotics is well-placed to lead and guide those thinking about investing in AGVs/AMRs. At the upcoming ProMAT 2023 show, BlueBotics will open new possibilities for advanced fleet management and interoperability. The CEO of BlueBotics, Dr. Nicola Tomatis, will also host an educational seminar to help customers build the business case for mobile robotics.

Interoperability now...

The ability to operate different brands of AGV and AMR together in one seamless fleet is a hot topic in 2023. At the ProMAT show, the BlueBotics team demonstrates how this dream is already a reality when those vehicles are driven by the company's ANT natural feature navigation.

The live multi-brand fleet demo taking place on BlueBotics' stand (#N6715) will show how different brands and types of automated vehicles can operate interoperably when controlled by the company's ANT server mission and fleet management software.

This demo will run continuously during the show and is set to feature systems from prominent BlueBotics partners including Bastian Solutions, Kivnon, Cleanfix, and more.

Powered by ANT navigation

All vehicles in the interoperable fleet demo will be driven by BlueBotics' ANT natural navigation technology. Accurate and robust, ANT requires minimal on-site infrastructure changes and enables vehicles to be installed quickly and easily. 'ANT driven' vehicles are able to interact seamlessly with on-site equipment and business software. And, the ProMAT demo will show that ANT server management software can run multi-brand fleets of ANT driven vehicles - whatever the brand or vehicle type.

Building the business case for AGVs

The seminar, titled "Building the Business Case for Mobile Robotics in Logistics & Manufacturing" will be held on 22nd March at 3.45 pm in Theater A.

In this detailed educational session, Dr. Tomatis will be joined by experienced experts from Bastian Solutions and Oceaneering Mobile Robotics to discuss the key considerations when looking to invest in AGVs.

The seminar will cover everything from high-level business argumentation and the common drivers of AGV/AMR adoption to the detail of how to go about building an organization-specific business case for mobile robotics, diving into the detail of the different factors involved in evaluating such as investment.

Nicolas Tomatis comments, "At a time when hiring and retaining workers is an ongoing challenge, and businesses are facing more pressure than ever to optimize productivity and remain competitive, automation with AGVs and AMRs can add resilience and build a strong base for growth. However, it remains crucial to building a sound business case for this investment. In this exclusive seminar, our partners from Bastian Solutions and Oceaneering will employ what they have learned over several decades working in mobile robotics to help decision-makers accurately analyze and calculate the potential benefits of AGV/AMR adoption."

ZAPI GROUP: Engineering the global transition to an all-electric future

The BlueBotics stand will also feature a selection of high-performance components by ZAPI GROUP, a global leader in motion control and battery charging for electric and hybrid drive systems, which acquired BlueBotics in 2022.

ProMAT runs from March 20-23 in Chicago, USA. Find BlueBotics at ProMAT booth N6715, where experts will be on hand to answer any questions visitors may have about AGVs, AMRs, and the ANT navigation technology that drives them. To register for the show, visit

About BlueBotics

BlueBotics is the reference in natural navigation and has the mission to help companies meet the challenge of vehicle automation. With more than 20 years of industry experience, the company provides the autonomous navigation technology (ANT) and expert support customers need to bring their AGV, automated forklift, or mobile robot successfully to market. Today, there are more than 3,000 ANT driven vehicles in operation worldwide.

BlueBotics is a ZAPI GROUP company.

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