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Start Automating with ATI Force/Torque Sensors and FANUC Robots

Are you ready to take your FANUC robot automation to the next level? Prepare for increased precision, efficiency, and process control with ATI Industrial Automation's Multi-Axis Force/Torque (F/T) Sensors now compatible with FANUC Robots and FANUC's Force Control Software. This groundbreaking collaboration opens doors to advanced automation and precision control, enabling more complex applications with ease.

ATI's renowned Multi-Axis F/T Sensors provide accurate measurements of forces and torques in multiple axes, empowering robots with a sense of touch and the capability to perform intricate tasks with precision. Designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, these sensors ensure reliable operation across a broad range of applications. Whether in research, medical applications, industrial operations, or even extra-terrestrial missions, ATI force sensing technology is revolutionizing the way robots interact with the world.

By integrating ATI's advanced sensing technology with FANUC Robots' industry-leading performance and reliability, users gain unparalleled force control capabilities. FANUC's Force Control Software enables precise control of robotic motion through real-time force feedback, perfect for assembly, deburring, polishing, and material removal tasks.

"We are thrilled to announce the compatibility of ATI's Multi-Axis Force/Torque Sensors with FANUC Robots and FANUC's Force Control Software," said Robert Little, President and General Manager of ATI Industrial Automation. "This collaboration brings together two industry-leading solutions, enabling our customers to achieve new levels of dexterity, efficiency, and reliability in their robotic applications."

ATI and FANUC are dedicated to providing comprehensive customer support, offering expertise in system integration to ensure a seamless implementation of this integrated solution. Together, they empower manufacturers and automation professionals to unlock the full potential of robotic automation.

Join us in embracing unparalleled possibilities. ATI Force/Torque Sensors are now FANUC-Ready! Experience the unbeatable combination of ATI's Force/Torque Sensor technology and FANUC's industrial robots, creating a versatile platform that allows robots to do MORE.

Get FANUC-Ready. Start automating.

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PI USA - New Hexapod Applications

PI USA - New Hexapod Applications

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