AI Robotics Startup Electric Sheep Wins 2023 AI TechAward

Electric Sheep’s AI-based robotic mowers recognized as best in the Vertical Applications Industry category at AI DevWorld 2023

San Francisco, CA - October 23, 2023 -- Electric Sheep, who is creating the first large-scale outdoor maintenance company powered by artificial intelligence and robotics, announced today it has won a 2023 AI TechAward in the Industry Vertical Applications category. The AI TechAwards celebrates technical innovation, adoption, and reception in the AI, machine learning and data science industries.

Electric Sheep's ML models are designed to automate various physical tasks like mowing and sweeping and knowledge work like inventory management, customer success, and marketing. The robots explore, map, navigate and manipulate the physical world around them including HOAs, parks, university campuses and more. Electric Sheep's robots don't require an engineer on site - they can just be shipped to the site and begin tasks alongside the crew. This is only possible through Electric Sheep's full stack data channel and the large volume of data that the robots are continually trained on. And rather than just building the robots and selling them to landscaping businesses, Electric Sheep is acquiring businesses and then injecting the robots into the business. The company is on track to grow revenues 8x since implementing this model and grown properties under automation by 10x.

"We are honored to receive this award from DevNework and I want to recognize and thank the team at Electric Sheep for their incredible efforts and work," said Nag Murty, co-founder and CEO of Electric Sheep. "We are building Large World Models (LWMs) to power robots with an AI brain so they can work in all types of outdoor environments."

"Electric Sheep is a great example of the newest AI and machine learning technologies now allowing developers and engineers and professionals to build upon the burgeoning AI/ML industry. Today's digital economy increasingly runs on systems needing increased data and intelligence. Electric Sheep's win here at the 2023 AI TechAwards is evidence of their leading role in the growth of the global AI ecosystem," said Jonathan Pasky, Executive Producer & Co-Founder of DevNetwork, producer of the AI DevWorld conference & the 2023 AI TechAwards.

Electric Sheep will be presented with the AI TechAward on October 24th during AI DevWorld 2023 in Santa Clara, Calif. Award winners were selected from the independent, expert-led DevNetwork AI Advisory Board, based on criteria including: technical innovation; attracting notable attention and awareness in the AI, machine learning and data science industries; and general regard and use by AI ecosystems and communities. A full list of this year's winners can be found here.

About Electric Sheep
Electric Sheep is creating the first large-scale outdoor maintenance company powered by artificial intelligence and robotics. It is acquiring traditional outdoor service providers and progressively transforming operations by deploying proprietary AI software and robots. Electric Sheep's ML models are designed to automate various physical tasks like mowing and knowledge work like inventory management. Through consolidation and AI-fueled vertical integration, Electric Sheep will become a major player in the $1 Trillion Global Market for outdoor infrastructure services. The company is based in San Francisco and funded by Tiger Global and Foundation Capital.

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