MiR Insights Wins 2023 NED Innovation Award in Automation

Cloud-based software empowers customers using Mobile Industrial Robots’ autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to make data-driven decisions, optimizing fleets performance, minimizing downtime

NOVI, Michigan—November 30, 2023—MiR Insights from Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) is the 2023 winner of the New Equipment Digest Innovation Award in the automation category. As shared on NewEquipment.com this week, MiR Insights is a cloud-based software that empowers customers of MiR's autonomous mobile robots to optimize the performance of their fleets and minimize downtime with data-driven intelligence.

MiR Insights is the third MiR product honored by NED and its readers for their innovation. The MiR100, the first MiR AMR on the market, won a NED Innovation Award in 2018, followed by the MiR500 in 2019.

"Our safe, flexible and cost-effective AMRs continue to offer innovations that let manufacturers and others improve efficiencies within their facilities, but software such as MiR Insights is even more critical for optimizing the performance of these robots," said Jane Hefner, VP of sales, Americas. "As more customers expand their fleets of robots, being able to identify patterns in the behavior of their robots, distance driven, completed missions and robot utilization rates lets them optimize mission flows and further reduce inefficiencies. While MiR Insights has only been available for six months, our customers are already seeing tremendous benefits."

Manufacturers such as Interroll benefit from MiR Insights
As an early adopter of MiR Insights, Interroll uses the software to identify patterns in the behavior of its MiR250 AMRs, enabling the Swiss company to optimize mission flows and reduce inefficiencies of its internal logistics. MiR Insights visualizes key performance indicators such as distance driven, completed missions and robot utilization rates for high-traffic areas to enhance robot workflows and throughput. Since the introduction of MiR Insights in June, the MiR250 operates an average of 22.3 hours per day, covering 106 km (65 miles) within the factory premises. See more about Interroll's use of MiR Insights with its MiR250 robots here: https://www.mobile-industrial-robots.com/case-studies/mir-250-interroll/

More about the NED Innovation Awards
To be considered for the NED Innovation Awards, companies or their representatives nominate their products or solutions in 15 categories. All entries are first judged by NED's audience of professional manufacturing industry experts, including plant managers, engineers, and industrial buyers that are selected by the NED editorial staff from a pool of the magazine's readers. NED subscribers then vote for their favorite product in each category. One winner is named in each category.

About Mobile Industrial Robots
MiR develops and manufactures one of the industry's most advanced range of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), which can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively automate internal logistics and optimize material handling. MiR offers one of the most advanced fleets of mobile robots used by both large enterprises and small and medium customers in a range of industries from manufacturing to logistics to healthcare. Founded in Denmark 2013, MiR has grown into a global leader with nearly 220 distributors and certified system integrators in 60 countries. MiR was acquired by Teradyne in 2018 and in 2022 Teradyne combined AutoGuide Mobile Robots into MiR to deliver a broad AMR product line from low to heavy payload. MiR's headquarters is in Odense, Denmark, with regional offices in Holbrook, New York; San Diego; North Reading, Massachusetts; Novi, Michigan; Georgetown, Kentucky; Singapore, San José, Costa Rica; Frankfurt, Barcelona, Yokohama; Seoul and Shanghai. For more information, visit www.mobile-industrial-robots.com

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