Dusty Robotics Unveils Second Generation Robot and Comprehensive BIM-to-Field Automated Workflow

New FieldPrint Platform Integrates Proprietary Hardware, Software, and Services to Optimize Building Processes, Ensuring Precision and Alignment at every stage– from VDC to Installation

Dusty Robotics has announced the launch of its FieldPrint Platform, a complete BIM-to-field solution designed to reduce construction risk by ensuring all contractors are building off the same information. The FieldPrint Platform provides a suite of tools that enable GC's and trade partners to streamline their BIM-to-field workflow by supporting the entire process from design to installation and beyond. Building upon the success of the first-generation FieldPrinter, which has printed over 91 million square feet of layout, the new FieldPrint Platform incorporates lessons learned from years of experience in the field to deliver an optimized experience for all trades on site.

Five years ago, Dusty pioneered multi-trade layout: automating all interior trades' layout using a robot to mark coordinated drawings on the deck, ensuring that everyone builds from the same information. The FieldPrint Platform introduces a suite of software and hardware functionality, including a brand new second-generation layout robot, the FieldPrinter 2, which work together to create an efficient process for the GC and trades to accurately and comprehensively lay out BIM models on the deck.

"Construction is fundamentally a data-driven workflow that hinges on the right information being made available to the right person at the right time," said Tessa Lau, CEO and co-founder of Dusty Robotics. "Our new FieldPrint Platform supports the seamless flow of data from the design phase, to the field, and back to the trailer. More than just a robot, Dusty provides an integrated software+hardware solution that architects, designers, and field operators utilize to get unparalleled accuracy, communication, and efficiency."

Elements of the FieldPrint Platform combine to boost efficiency and alignment:

FieldPrinter 2. The second-generation Dusty robot enhances on-site performance and productivity through its compact design and extended capabilities. Upgraded features include:

Compact Form Factor. The FieldPrinter 2 effortlessly navigates tight spaces and seamlessly maneuvers around obstacles to provide the most complete layout
Edge Print enables printing right up to edges, columns, and site features
Shadow Print enables printing behind columns for more coverage in less time
Full Sensor Suite enables real-time detection of edges, obstacles, and other objects that may impede printing
Curve Printing generates smooth arcs of any radius
Extra-wide Printhead (1" vs ½") prints points, lines, text, and curves quickly and legibly at 300 dpi
Light Weight. At 23 lbs (including the battery), the FieldPrinter 2 is safe and easy to move and carry
Power Hold ensures uninterrupted operation during battery replacement
iPad Interface simplifies the learning process and streamlines operation
Revit Plugin. The new Dusty Revit Plugin eliminates errors, streamlines workflows, and enhances VDC efficiency by automating most of the manual steps needed to prepare robot-ready drawings. The Dusty plugin incorporates best practices learned from key builders and thousands of projects to get the most complete and accurate information on the floor by automatically extracting it from the coordinated BIM model.

Dusty Portal. The Dusty Portal facilitates multi-trade layout by allowing all trades to combine and align their digital files in a single place. The Portal enables the design team to verify that all files utilize the same coordinate system, preview the combined files prior to printing, and ensure that everyone is working off the latest version. Additionally, it provides access to productivity reports for project tracking and operator performance.

About Dusty Robotics

Founded in 2018, Dusty develops robot-powered tools for the modern workforce, automating construction's most painful manual workflows. The FieldPrinter robot and entire FieldPrint Platform automate the BIM-to-field workflow through a combination of hardware, software, and services that fit seamlessly into existing construction work processes. Founded by serial entrepreneurs and roboticists who have built several successful robotics companies, Dusty is backed by leading venture capital firms Scale Venture Partners, Canaan Partners, NextGen Venture Partners, Baseline Ventures, Root Ventures and Cantos Ventures. For more information, please visit www.dustyrobotics.com.

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