Brain Corp Announces Unprecedented Scale for Autonomous Mobile Robots in 2023 and Welcomes Accomplished SaaS Leader, Chris Lobdell as Chief Revenue Officer

Total Deployments: In 2023, Brain Corp exceeded 30,000 robots subscribed to the BrainOS Robotics Platform across autonomous floor scrubbing, autonomous vacuuming, and autonomous inventory scanning.

Brain Corp, an autonomous technology company creating transformative solutions in robotics and AI, today announced a series of significant milestones achieved in autonomous robotics during 2023 along with the appointment of highly-respected SaaS executive, Chris Lobdell, as its new Chief Revenue Officer.

Through the BrainOS® Robotics Platform, which powers the largest global fleet of the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in operation in commercial public spaces, Brain Corp delivers insightful and efficient automated solutions in both commercial floor cleaning and inventory management, empowering organizations and their employees to achieve more.

Brain Corp 2023 Milestones
Total Deployments: In 2023, Brain Corp exceeded 30,000 robots subscribed to the BrainOS Robotics Platform across autonomous floor scrubbing, autonomous vacuuming, and autonomous inventory scanning. Within the same year, Brain Corp's OEM partners deployed 5,700 new robots across 265 customers globally, showcasing substantial growth and reach. This unprecedented, industry-leading scale of real-world deployments creates an unrivaled pace of learning that accelerates performance and innovation across Brain Corp's fleet.

Autonomous Floor Scrubbing Coverage: Brain Corp saw its fleet of floor scrubbing robots utilizing the BrainOS Robotics Platform cover a remarkable 38 billion square feet. This colossal achievement is equivalent to its powered robot fleet autonomously cleaning an area roughly the size of Luxembourg.

Autonomous Floor Scrubbing Operation Hours: Floor scrubbing robots running on the BrainOS Robotics Platform logged over 2.3 million hours of autonomous operation in 2023, a feat that surpasses 287,000 workdays. This level of productivity significantly bolsters human teams, freeing them from potentially dangerous and repetitive tasks and enabling them to focus on more specialist tasks.

Autonomous Inventory Scanning: Inventory scanning robots running on the BrainOS Robotics Platform captured over 7.9 billion shelf images in 2023. AI leverages this massive dataset to identify crucial insights, such as out-of-stock items and product locations, which empower retailers to maintain accurate inventory and enhance their customers' experiences.

Appointment of Chris Lobdell as Chief Revenue Officer
Chris Lobdell joins Brain Corp as Chief Revenue Officer, bringing over two decades of sales and technical leadership experience to the organization. As CRO, Lobdell will focus on scaling Brain Corp's sales, marketing and client success operations, building deeper customer relationships and further strengthening ties with Brain Corp's channel partners.

"Brain Corp has established itself as the leader in next-generation robotics, powering advanced autonomous robot applications for companies like Walmart and Kroger," Lobdell said. "With the expansion of Brain Corp's capabilities to include new vision-based AI data applications, I'm excited to put my two decades of co-innovating with retailers to bring to market the next generation of autonomous inventory scanning retail solutions."

Lobdell brings with him 24 years of sales and technical leadership experience gained at some of the software industry's most innovative companies. In his most recent position as Chief Revenue Officer at GoodData, he played a pivotal role in steering overall go-to-market strategies. Prior to GoodData, Lobdell led a team of sellers at Salesforce focused on Salesforce's Data & Identity Solutions for retailers and CPG manufacturers. In 2017, Lobdell served as Chief Revenue Officer at the marketing tech SaaS provider Ahalogy, a leading influencer marketing company with clients such as Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and Kroger. Earlier in his career, he held several sales leadership and sales engineering roles at companies like Google, DataXu (now Roku) and others.

With Brain Corp positioning to scale its footprint within several international markets in the near term, former CRO Michel Spruijt will step into the newly established role of President of International Business, where he will lead business development and go-to-market teams and activities outside of North America.

"2023 marked a year of unparalleled scale and achievements for Brain Corp," said David Pinn, CEO of Brain Corp. "With the addition of Chris, a highly adept industry executive, we are poised to further propel our growth trajectory, particularly in enterprise software sales."

About Brain Corp
Brain Corp is the global leader in robotic AI software that powers the largest fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) operating in commercial public spaces. Global OEM partners use the company's cloud-connected platform, BrainOS®, to create scalable, self-driving robots that are used by end customers to clean floors and sense environmental data - turning manual operations into automated workflows. Fortune 500 brands across multiple verticals benefit from the growing portfolio of BrainOS®-powered robots and our industry-leading privacy, safety and efficiency tools that make managing and scaling automation easier. Brain Corp currently powers more than 30,000 AMRs, representing the largest fleet of its kind in the world.

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