Resonant Link Demonstrates Automated Wireless Charging at MODEX

The fastest wireless lift truck charger is also the only system that can autonomously charge different batteries, manned trucks, and autonomous vehicles

Logistics and warehouse technology leaders like Resonant Link are charged up for this year's MODEX trade show. Resonant Link is demonstrating their 19.2 kW, 400 A wireless lift truck charger live at MODEX Booth #A10909 all week. The wireless charging leader introduced the industrial EV charger to the market last year - the fastest then and still - and is working with many of the leading forklift manufacturers, autonomous vehicle manufacturers, battery manufacturers, and warehouse operators.

"Warehouse operators can save $1 million per site per year by automating charging," says Grayson Zulauf, Resonant Link's CEO, adding "Every day, more partners want to automate their charging to mitigate labor challenges, maximize equipment uptime, and reduce the number of batteries and vehicles they need."

With Resonant Link, warehouse operators can save a million dollars per site per year in labor, equipment, and maintenance costs and ensure vehicles are charged and ready when they're needed. Resonant Link's automated wireless charging is the only motive power charging that combines the charge speed, parking flexibility, and interoperability they need. Operators can charge different batteries, manned trucks, and autonomous vehicles from the same, fully hands-free system and they get an 8x larger parking area than other wireless chargers so they don't have to park perfectly and AGVs with outriggers don't have to disable safety systems to charge.
MODEX attendees have lots of chances to learn about the future of industrial power and energy from the Resonant Link team and others. In addition to visiting Resonant Link's booth, #A10909, attendees can hear Zulauf talk about the automated warehouse of the future during his seminar on Tuesday, 3/12. Attendees can also attend Resonant Link's Power Talks interview series to hear from logistics leaders like Damon Hosmer of Raymond Corporation and Jake Walker of DHL Supply Chain. During these on-the-floor interviews at 3 PM daily in Booth #A10909, leaders will share trends and practical advice to help warehouse operators navigate cost, labor, equipment, space, and other logistics challenges.

Visit Resonant Link at MODEX Booth #A10909 starting at 9 AM on Monday, March 11th to see their automated wireless charging in action. You can also contact to find out how easy it is to set up automated wireless charging for your existing vehicles.

About Resonant Link:
Resonant Link delivers 5x faster and easy-to-use wireless power for applications big to small, from large industrial electric vehicles to tiny medical devices, to help people, businesses, and the planet thrive. Resonant Link is headquartered in South Burlington, VT, where it manufactures many of its chargers, and supports dozens of customers in healthcare, electric vehicles, logistics, and more, including leading brands and government agencies. Visit or contact to learn more.

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