Onward Robotics Unveils Revolutionary Meet Me™ Solution for Automated Order Fulfillment With Live Demonstrations at MODEX 2024

Award-Winning Tech Startup Showcases Innovative Automation Technology at World's Largest Manufacturing and Supply Chain Trade Event

Onward Robotics, the pioneering mobile robotics and software company, today announced the showcase of its Meet Me™ automation solution at MODEX, the supply chain industry's largest trade show. The company is demonstrating how its revolutionary technology coordinates humans and robots as a cohesive system, enabling warehousing, logistics, and e-commerce operations to increase order fulfillment productivity, mitigate operational risk, and scale without adding headcount.

This year at MODEX in booth #C6685, attendees will see firsthand how Onward Robotics' innovative Pyxis™ technology optimizes the order-picking process by orchestrating the work of Lumabot™️ autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and human pickers as independent workflows. The company's proprietary algorithm directs workers via a wearable device to meet Lumabot AMRs at the next best picking location, reducing non-productive movement and improving productivity in the fulfillment process. Lumabot AMRs feature intuitive and patent-pending pick-to-light shelving that minimizes human error while improving picking accuracy and speed.

"Across the supply chain, warehouses, distributors, logistics providers, and e-commerce operations are under increased pressure to do more with less," said Onward Robotics CEO Lance VandenBrook. "It's been incredible to see the market's response to our new solution, and we're excited to demonstrate at MODEX how Onward Robotics is helping to move the global supply chain forward."

Onward Robotics has experienced strong market demand since the launch of its Meet Me automation solution in 2023. In the last year, the company also announced a major corporate rebrand, expanded its team of supply chain and robotics experts, and was named Top Tech Startup driving innovation in the supply chain and logistics industry.

At MODEX 2024, attendees will be able to meet with Onward Robotics' team of supply chain, robotics, and automation experts to discuss how the company's order fulfillment solution can optimize their processes, boost productivity, and help achieve their goals.

For more information about Onward Robotics' innovative automation solutions at MODEX 2024, visit onwardrobotics.com/modex.

About Onward Robotics

Onward Robotics delivers innovative automation technology that coordinates humans and robots as a cohesive system to revolutionize fulfillment. Our Meet Me™ solution combines proprietary software with person-to-goods mobile robots to increase efficiency in warehousing, distribution, and e-commerce operations. Onward Robotics provides the boost in productivity, flexibility, and speed that companies need to remain competitive and grow. Learn more at onwardrobotics.com.

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