BrightDrive and Announce Collaboration to Revolutionize Autonomous Driving Technology

BrightDrive's Autonomous Driving HW Platform, designed to handle and scale self-driving applications from Level 1 to 5, is set to redefine the future of transportation.

BrightDrive, a leader in autonomous driving technology, today announced a strategic partnership with, the software centric, embedded edge machine learning system-on-chip company, aimed at accelerating innovation in autonomous driving. This collaboration combines's cutting-edge MLSoC™ with BrightDrive's advanced hardware platform to deliver new advancements in self-driving systems.

BrightDrive's Autonomous Driving HW Platform, designed to handle and scale self-driving applications from Level 1 to 5, is set to redefine the future of transportation. With powerful processing capabilities, high data bandwidth, and low power consumption, the ASIL D platform sets a new standard for safety, efficiency, and scalability in autonomous driving. The platform is expected to be delivered by late 2026.

"We are thrilled about our collaboration with," said Hossam Yahia, CEO of BrightDrive. "This partnership marks the launch of the A-Sample of our advanced BrightDrive autonomous driving Platform, showcasing significant performance capabilities. Subsequent samples will include more sensor interfaces, AUTOSAR, ISO26262, and ISO 21434 compliance. Together, we aim to unlock new levels of performance and efficiency in our autonomous driving solutions, paving the way for safer and more advanced transportation systems."'s purpose-built MLSoC™ platform offers exceptional performance, enabling effortless deployment and scaling of machine learning models at the embedded edge. With a focus on computer vision applications,'s technology delivers superior performance at the lowest power, making it an ideal solution for accelerating perception algorithms in autonomous driving systems.

"Our collaboration with BrightDrive demonstrates our commitment to driving innovation in advanced driver assistance, from level 1 to level 5. brings the missing piece of the puzzle: extremely high performance with very low power consumption," said Harald Kroeger, head of automotive business at

The partnership between BrightDrive and will be showcased at the upcoming Embedded World Conference on April 9 - 11, 2024, providing attendees with the opportunity to experience a live demonstration of sensor fusion technology. The demo, featuring a fusion of 4 Cameras and 2 LIDAR sensors in real time, highlights the seamless integration of with BrightDrive's HW platform.

Together, BrightDrive and are poised to redefine the future of autonomous driving technology, delivering solutions that are safer, more efficient, and scalable, transforming transportation as we know it. will be presenting at Embedded World April 9-11, 2024, and will be stationed at Booth 550 in Hall 2. To request a meeting or to learn more, please visit

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BrightDrive is a leading developer of autonomous driving technology, specializing in Level 1 to 5 self-driving platforms for trucks and buses. With a focus on safety, reliability, and innovation, BrightDrive is dedicated to transforming the transportation industry through advanced hardware and software solutions. For more information, visit

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