CMES Robotics Unveils State-of-the-Art Customer Experience Center in Chicago

AI Vision Robot Solutions for Warehouse Automation on Display

CMES Robotics, a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) vision robot solutions, today announced the grand opening of its new Customer Experience Center (CEC) in the Chicago area. The cutting-edge showroom located in Bensenville, Illinois is designed to showcase the company's innovative robotic automation technology portfolio for warehouse logistics and material handling.

The CMES Robotics CEC provides an immersive environment where customers can explore customized palletizing, depalletizing, and piece-picking solutions leveraging advanced AI vision capabilities. Visitors will have hands-on opportunities to experience:

Robotic Mixed Case Palletizer: Utilizing AI vision to enable flexible, on-the-fly mixed pallet building without complex buffering systems.
Random Bags and Box Depalletizer: Employing AI vision technology to identify and adapt to all types of bags and boxes in real time.
Random Piece-Picking Robot: Capable of picking a large volume of products by selecting the optimal motion based on shape, weight, position, and posture - improving efficiency and accuracy.
"With the current shortage of labor and dynamic logistics landscape, solutions that address immediate challenges while future-proofing operations are essential," said Alex Choe, President of CMES Robotics. "Our newly established Customer Experience Center incorporates CMES's commitment to delivering innovative design and scalable strategies for warehouse automation."

The CMES Robotics Customer Experience Center is at 1000 Industrial Dr. Unit 3D, Bensenville, Illinois 60106. To learn more or schedule a visit, please contact

About CMES Robotics

CMES Robotics is an AI vision robot solutions innovator focused on empowering warehouse logistics through advanced automation technologies. With cutting-edge robotics systems and a customer-centric approach, CMES Robotics is transforming material handling operations globally. For more information, please visit our product site at or contact

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