Gather AI Offers Warehouses the First Drone-Powered Inferred Case Count and Location Occupancy Capabilities

The industry-first capabilities enable warehouses to get automated, digitized counts and location utilization reports, unlocking higher on-time shipment rates while reducing dedicated counting labor.

Today, Gather AI, the market leader in computer vision-based AI for warehouse inventory monitoring, announces two new capabilities - inferred case counting and location occupancy. The industry-first capabilities enable warehouses to get automated, digitized counts and location utilization reports, unlocking higher on-time shipment rates while reducing dedicated counting labor.

Warehouse operators must know the correct inventory levels in each location to ship on time and optimize space utilization. According to the Warehousing Education & Research Council (WERC) 2023 DC Measures Annual Survey & Report, the average warehouse meets shipping deadlines only 96% of the time and has a cube utilization of 81%. Counting cases and monitoring inventory inaccuracies manually is slow and aggravates these challenges.

With the Gather AI solution, warehouses can scan up to 900 pallets per hour. Drones take pictures of each location. The AI analyzes the pictures, reading multiple barcodes and text and detecting empty locations. With today's release, the solution will show inferred case counts for full and partial pallets and location occupancy percentages on the customer web dashboard, reducing the time and labor of verifying case counts. It will also help warehouses find space to consolidate inventory, avoiding honeycombing.

"Several customers require us to count cases as part of our cycle counting program," says AJ Raaker, Director Of Warehouse Development at Taylor Logistics Inc., a leading third-party logistics provider. "Using Gather AI's drone inventory monitoring and the inferred case count feature is 87% more efficient than having our team do physical cycle counting. The efficiency gain enables our team to prioritize revenue-generating direct labor activities."

New Offerings:

Inferred Case Count: Using this capability, warehouse operators can reduce the time spent on manual counts by 90%. Computer vision and AI compare information extracted from images to estimate the number of cases on a pallet with what's stored in the warehouse management system (WMS). Pallets with few cases are flagged so they can be replenished before items run out and shipments are missed. Warehouse operators can prioritize labor by having people count only the pallets that are off from what the WMS expects.
Location Occupancy: This capability lets warehouse operators know where to consolidate pallets, increase space utilization, and improve fixed expense efficiency. Computer vision and AI read images to measure the space available on a pallet. The solution will identify consolidation opportunities.
Gather AI CEO and Co-Founder Sankalp Arora, Ph.D., says, "Our mission is to bring unprecedented real-time inventory insights to warehouse operators. Our computer vision and AI analyze inventory images offering warehouse operators access to a richer source of information than barcodes. Our new inferred case counting and location occupancy capabilities push the art of what's possible while solving for error-prone, labor-intensive tasks for our customers."

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About Gather AI: Pittsburgh-based Gather AI is the market leader in supply chain AI to decrease the cost of inventory, improve productivity, and boost revenue. Gather AI was founded in 2017 by Carnegie Mellon University alumni Sankalp Arora, Ph.D., Daniel Maturana, Ph.D., and Geetesh Dubey. The Gather AI solution is currently deployed in warehouses across third-party logistics, retail distribution, manufacturing, food & beverage, and air cargo at companies including GEODIS, NFI Industries, Emirates Airlines, Barrett Distribution, Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), and more. Gather AI was included in the 2024 CB Insights AI 100 and was named an Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics and Supply Chain Technology Provider. Gather AI is backed by Bain Capital Ventures, Tribeca Venture Partners, Xplorer Capital, Dundee Venture Capital, Expa, Bling Capital, and XRC Ventures. To learn more about Gather AI, visit and on YouTube and LinkedIn.

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