Humanoid Robots Move Gracefully with CCTY Technology

CCTY Showcases Bearing Solutions at The Robotics Summit

LAKE ZURICH, Ill., April 29, 2024 - To help robot makers develop humanoid robots that emulate the mobility and flexibility of human limbs, CCTY designs and manufactures bespoke parts tailored to the unique requirements of each project.

During The Robotics Summit, held in Boston on May 1 and 2, the global motion control supplier is highlighting how it is enabling humanoid robots to move with lifelike grace through their state-of-the-art articulating joint bearing innovations. These critical joints must replicate the natural range of motion found in the human body, while remaining lightweight and durable.

"The development of humanoid robots has garnered significant attention," said Yaman Obaid, robotics engineer, CCTY. "Their seamless motion is enabled by a complex interplay of precision engineering, advanced materials and cutting-edge technology, with bearings serving as the base that enables these movements."

At its booth (#234 in Hall C), CCTY - an engineering specialist and manufacturer of high-performance bearings and assemblies - is breaking new ground in the humanoid robotics industry by demystifying the process of bearing design and assembly for robotic applications. The company's customized approach overcomes the limitations of conventional, off-the-shelf products.

"At the forefront of innovation, CCTY collaborates closely with our customers to design, develop and test application-specific humanoid robotic bearing solutions," said Nik Jerinic, strategic account manager, CCTY. "We're not like other bearing suppliers. We are problem-solvers who work side-by-side with our clients to create a custom design that meets an application's precise requirements."

This partnership and expertise have enabled solutions that are making an impact on the future of the humanoid robot industry. During The Robotics Summit, CCTY will highlight its customizable approach to bearing selection and established portfolio of bearing innovations, including cross roller bearings, ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, flexible ball bearings, COM bearings/rod ends and linkage assemblies.

In addition to custom bearing solutions, CCTY develops full assemblies that enable several key customer benefits, such as cost savings, streamlined products and simplified vendor management. With its ability to manufacture small batches, CCTY can serve as a trusted engineering partner to companies working in the fast-paced robotics industry.

During the conference, CCTY experts will also discuss key robotics industry trends and themes, including the importance of: seals in robotic applications; finding the right balance for minimizing torque and clearance; and backlash and its impact on humanoid movement.

"When speaking with new and potential customers, our engineers often find that they're able to present or share a new idea or enhancement, for example a new design idea or material selection, that improves upon the customer's existing idea," said Jerinic. "This is the type of partner CCTY wants to be for our robotics customers: someone who helps them raise the bar in this high potential and fast-growing industry."

About CCTY
CCTY is an industry leader specializing in custom bearing engineering and development. With a focus on innovation and customer collaboration, CCTY has achieved a reputation for excellence in engineering bespoke parts tailored to the unique requirements of each project.

In the robotics sector, CCTY designs motion control solutions (components and assemblies) specific to humanoid robotics and industrial robot applications, including rod ends, spherical plain bearings, COM bearings, bushings and roller bearings that enable articulating joints to rotate freely and smoothly. For more information, please visit:

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