MiR Features One-Stop Shop for AI-Enabled Material Handling at Automate 2024 with New Autonomous Pallet Jack, Preview of Generative AI MiR Insights and Mobile Collaborative Robots

Advancements in MiR’s flexible, safe and cost-effective AMRs, showcased in booth #1241, include new AI capabilities to help improve efficiencies and deliver faster ROI; MiR joins parent company Teradyne Robotics and Universal Robots to sponsor keynotes for Automate 2024 Empowerment Forum: Women Leading Change May 8

At Automate 2024 May 6-9, Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) will feature the company's latest innovations in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), including the first U.S. showing of its new artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled MiR1200 Pallet Jack and a preview of a generative AI-powered version of its MiR Insights analytics software to further improve efficiencies and deliver faster ROI. In booth #1241, attendees can also see MiR's full range of safe, flexible and cost-effective AMRs for automating internal logistics in manufacturing and warehouse environments, including the MiR250, MiR600 and MiR1350. MiR will also showcase a mobile collaborative robot (cobot) that integrates a MiR250 AMRs with a cobot from sister company Universal Robots, a complete solution that enables the cobots to automatically and safely perform different tasks at different workstations.

With advanced AI pallet detection powered by NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, MiR1200 Pallet Jack uses 3D vision to identify pallets and then pick up and deliver pallets with unprecedented precision. First introduced at LogiMat in Germany in March, the MiR1200 Pallet Jack integrates seamlessly into existing MiR AMR fleets and interoperates with MiR's deck load AMRs, making it ideal for large-scale enterprise customers who typically operate more complex workflows with larger fleets and multiple sites.
"With our full family of user-friendly AMRs, manufacturers and logistics managers can experience greater efficiency and flexibility for their logistics and material handling tasks, with a quick return on investment," said Jean-Pierre Hathout, president of MiR. "Not only will Automate visitors be able to see these AMRs in action, but they can experience the robotic collaborations with Universal Robots as well as the latest AI capabilities we've been working on. With experts in AMRs, cobots and AI all in one booth, visitors can find all they need to safely, flexibly and cost-effectively automate a vast majority of their tasks while moving their difficult-to-find employees to more valuable assignments."
New AI capabilities to analytics software
MiR's AMRs navigate smoothly and safely among people and other transport equipment in dynamic environments, even on busy trade show floors. Sensors, 3D cameras and the latest laser scanning technology, ensure 360-degree vision for precise and safe navigation and operations. The new AI-focused advancements to MiR Insights will enable fleet owners to not only track and analyze the operations of their robots and obtain actionable insights they can use to improve the robots' performance but more easily find and engage with the data.
At Automate, MiR will preview upcoming AI features to MiR Insights that will enable customers to:
• interact with MiR knowledge bases, even without knowing the exact data base terms, to intuitively find the right information and speed up deployment and optimization processes
• chat with their data to conduct troubleshooting and optimization activities independently
• ask follow-up questions to get tailored answers that deepen their understanding and enable improved decision making
Mobile cobots now available directly from MiR
MiR's open platform enables top modules to be added to the AMR to allow different applications from the same robot, with many of these modules coming from MiR partners through the MiR Go program, the world's largest eco system for AMR applications. A mobile cobot from Enabled Robotics, comprising the MiR250 AMR and any collaborative robot arm from Universal Robots, is now MiR Go Approved, meaning it has been tested and approved by MiR and can be purchased directly from MiR. The mobile cobot offers the following:
• Seamless connection between the MiR250 and the Universal Robot's cobot through a flexible modular platform
• The ability to adjust the size of the cobot arm to accommodate the required payload
• An intuitive all-in-one interface, enabling efficient programming of both the AMR and the cobot arm
"These new AI features to MiR's analytic software create another real-world example of our new AI offerings, with MiR Insights leveraging the latest advancements in generative AI on top its data processing capabilities to empower customers to get more out of their MiR robots," said Ujjwal Kumar, president of Teradyne Robotics. "At the combined MiR/UR booth at Automate, attendees can get a first-hand look at these enhancements in action along with the AI-enabled pallet jack powered and the mobile cobots that offer a complete solution that combines the best from our Teradyne Robotics companies to help companies overcome their most complete warehouse and manufacturing challenges."
MiR to Sponsor Women Empowerment Breakfast with Teradyne Robotics and Universal Robots
With Teradyne and Universal Robots, MiR is sponsoring the Automate 2024 Empowerment Forum: Women Leading Change, on May 8, at 7:30 a.m. This event is designed to bring women in the automation industry together to share their experiences and aspirations as well as to build valuable connections and leadership skills. Jane Heffner, MiR VP of sales, Americas, and member of the A3 Robotics board, will introduce the keynote speakers from ABB, 3M and Analog Devices. Those interested can reserve a spot for the breakfast event here: https://www.automateshow.com/networking-events/women-in-automation
About Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)
MiR develops and manufactures one of the industry's most advanced selections of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), which can quickly, easily and cost-effectively automate internal logistics and optimize material handling. MiR also offers one of the most advanced fleets of mobile robots used by both large enterprises and small and medium customers in a range of industries from manufacturing to logistics to healthcare. Founded in Denmark in 2013, MiR has grown to become a global leader with more than 220 distributors and certified system integrators in +60 countries. MiR was acquired by Teradyne in 2018, and in 2022, Teradyne combined AutoGuide Mobile Robots with MiR to deliver a broad AMR product line from low to heavy payload. MiR's headquarters is in Odense, Denmark, with regional offices in San Diego, CA, North Reading, MA, Georgetown, KY, Singapore, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Yokohama, Seoul and Shanghai.
For more information, visit www.mobile-industrial-robots.com

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