SU Group to Bring Robotics and AI to Security Patrolling in Partnership with SquareDog Robotics

SU Group and SquareDog Robotics plan to mutually develop a fully AI-enabled robotic security patrolling solution and is able to fully or partly replace manual patrolling at offices, buildings, construction sites and other places.

SU Group Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: SUGP) ("SU Group" or the "Company"), an integrated security-related engineering services company in Hong Kong, today announced it has entered a partnership with SquareDog Robotics, Ltd. ("SquareDog Robotics"), a Hong Kong-based technology company specialized in robotic automation. SU Group and SquareDog Robotics plan to mutually develop a fully AI-enabled robotic security patrolling solution and is able to fully or partly replace manual patrolling at offices, buildings, construction sites and other places.

SU Group's Chairman and CEO, Dave Chan, commented, "Robotics and AI are starting to play a significant role in enhancing security patrolling by providing efficient, reliable, and technologically advanced solutions for monitoring and protecting various environments. We believe we have the opportunity to develop a truly breakthrough industry solution. We plan to architect a combined robotic and AI solution that can optimize patrol efficiency, enhance safety, improve cost efficiency and solve the labor shortage problem, all while providing superior security to our customers and the people they serve. That peace of mind is priceless, with secure buildings being more sought after to work in, live in and to patronize."

SU Group believes robotics and AI will be increasingly utilized in security patrolling primarily due to added efficiency, reliability, and versatility in the following areas:

Surveillance: Security robots are equipped with cameras, sensors, and sometimes even drones, allowing them to conduct thorough surveillance of a specific area. They can capture and analyze footage in real time, detecting suspicious activity or unauthorized individuals.
Patrolling: Robots can autonomously patrol predefined routes or areas, continuously monitoring for any signs of intrusion or anomalies. They can cover large areas efficiently and consistently, reducing the need for human patrols in certain areas.
Detection of Threats: Security robots can be equipped with various sensors such as motion detectors, heat sensors, and even chemical sensors to detect potential threats like intruders, fires, or hazardous materials. They can alert security personnel immediately upon the detection of such threats.
Communication: Some security robots are equipped with two-way communication systems, allowing security personnel to remotely communicate with individuals in the patrolled area. This can be useful for issuing warnings or instructions to trespassers or assisting individuals in need.
Deterrence: The presence of a security robot can act as a deterrent to potential intruders or vandals. Knowing that an area is under surveillance by a robot may discourage potential criminals to conduct criminal activities.
Data Collection and Analysis: Security robots can collect vast amounts of data about their surroundings, including environmental conditions, pedestrian traffic, and more. This data can be analyzed to identify patterns, trends, and potential security risks.
Integration with Security Systems: Robots can be integrated with existing security systems, such as access control and alarm systems, providing a comprehensive security solution. They can respond automatically to alarms or breaches by investigating the area and alerting human operators to the extent necessary.
About SquareDog Robotics

SquareDog Robotics envisions a world where industry-leading robotic solutions, providing human perform enhanced work with greater precision and safety. With global shortages of skilled workers, high labor costs and high demand for intelligent and intuitive innovations, SquareDog Robotics' world-first patented technologies and industry standard-setting expertise pave the way for like-minded companies across all sectors passionate about inventing tomorrow and bettering today. For more information, please visit

About SU Group Holdings Limited

SU Group (Nasdaq: SUGP) is an integrated security-related services company that primarily provides security-related engineering services, security guarding and screening services, and related vocational training services in Hong Kong. Through its subsidiaries, SU Group has been providing turnkey services to the existing infrastructure or planned development of its customers through the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of security systems for over two decades. The security systems that SU Group provides services include threat detection systems, traffic and pedestrian control systems, and extra-low voltage systems in private and public sectors, including commercial properties, public facilities, and residential properties in Hong Kong. For more information visit

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