Pioneering Partnership: ADLINK and NAVER LABS Unite to Enhance AMR Technology with the Rookie Robots

Announcing a strategic partnership to co-develop the next generation of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)

In a significant move within the robotics industry, ADLINK Technology Inc., a global provider of leading-edge computing solutions, and NAVER LABS, a leader in AI and robotics technology, are excited to announce a strategic partnership to co-develop the next generation of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), starting with the innovative NAVER LABS's Rookie robots, powered by ADLINK's intelligent edge platforms MVP Series.

This groundbreaking collaboration combines NAVER LABS' cutting-edge innovation in AI and robotics with ADLINK's advanced computing platforms, exemplified by the integration of ADLINK's intelligent Edge platforms into the Rookie autonomous service robots. The partnership aims to set new standards in the AMR market, focusing on enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in various industrial environments.

Revolutionizing the AMR Industry with Advanced Technologies
The partnership between ADLINK and NAVER LABS, focusing on the development of the Rookie autonomous mobile robots (AMR), represents a game-changing fusion of edge computing, AI, and robotics. This collaborative effort is not only set to revolutionize the AMR industry by integrating advanced technologies but also marks a significant milestone in the field. By combining ADLINK's advanced hardware capabilities with cutting-edge AI and robotics research from NAVER LABS, The Rookie robot is set to transform the realm of service robots. Designed for versatile indoor services like delivery, café assistance, and lunch box distribution, Rookie autonomously navigates while emphasizing interaction and harmony within human environments. More than just a technological marvel, it integrates seamlessly into daily life and workspaces, embodying ADLINK and NAVER LABS's vision of robots that are technologically sophisticated yet socially attuned and service-driven.

A Shared Vision for Innovation and Excellence
"By combining NAVER LABS' robotics technology accumulated while operating various robots in 1784 and each Sejong data center, and ADLINK's hardware platform know-how, robot synergy can be further increased." said Mr. Jongyoon Peck, leader of NAVER LABS' Robotics & Autonomous Driving Group. "Starting with cooperation to adapt ADLINK's MVP series to Rookie robots and through various technological exchanges, we will strengthen our competitiveness in the field of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) robots."

Ethan Chen, ADLINK's General Manager of Edge Computing Platforms BU, shared his insights on the collaboration. "ADLINK is thrilled to partner with NAVER LABS. Our shared commitment to innovation and excellence in the AMR sector is embodied in the Rookie robots, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration to push the boundaries of what's possible in automation and robotics," said Chen. This statement highlights the enthusiasm and commitment of ADLINK towards this synergistic alliance with NAVER LABS. The joint development of the Rookie robots is a testament to their collective pursuit of advancing the field of AMRs, setting the stage for further innovations and breakthroughs in the realm of automation and robotics.

The partnership between ADLINK and NAVER LABS extends beyond the current project, with both entities committed to ongoing advancements in AMR technology. Future initiatives are already underway, focusing on the development of next-generation AMR solutions. These innovations are aimed at further enhancing automation and streamlining processes in industrial and commercial settings, representing a continued effort to push the boundaries of technological efficiency and operational excellence.

NAVER LABS is an R&D subsidiary of NAVER responsible for future technology. Its world class researchers in Korea and Europe create new connections between people, machines, spaces and information by advancing technology in AI, robotics, autonomous driving, digital twin and AR.

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