Unitree Robotics introduces G1 Humanoid agent AI avatar

On May 13, Unitree Robotics introduces its latest masterpiece——Unitree G1 Humanoid agent, AI avatar! It immediately caused a sensation in the global AI and robotics fields.

On May 13, Unitree Robotics introduces its latest masterpiece——Unitree G1 Humanoid agent, AI avatar! It immediately caused a sensation in the global AI and robotics fields.

The robot is about 127 centimeters tall and weighs about 35 kilograms. It has flexibility beyond ordinary people and unlocks unlimited movement potential. The walking speed of G1 is about 2m/s. It has a large joint movement space, with 23-43 joints, and the maximum joint torque can reach 120N.m. It can perform high-load dynamic movements, such as dynamic stand-up, seat folding, dance stick, etc. At the same time, G1 is based on deep reinforcement learning and simulation training, and uses the accelerated development of AI to continuously upgrade and evolve.

G1 can be equipped with the optional Dex3-1 force-controlled dexterous hand. Through force-position hybrid control, G1 can simulate the precise operation ability of the human hand and accurately control various objects.Whether it is smashing walnuts, carrying heavy objects, or picking up fragile objects such as eggs, the G1 can demonstrate extremely high accuracy and stability. What's more worth mentioning is that the G1 robot can also easily handle delicate operations such as opening soda bottles and welding. These tasks that were considered difficult for machines in the past have now become a piece of cake under the dexterous control of the G1.

In terms of visual sensors, G1 is equipped with Intel RealSense D435 and LIVOX-MID360 3D lidar, which can achieve 360° detection and perception. These sensors provide a powerful perception hardware foundation, allowing G1 to better understand the surrounding environment. In addition, the G1 power supply module supports two hours of battery life and quick disassembly.

There are two versions of the G1 humanoid robot released this time, namely G1 and G1 EDU. The price of G1 is $16k (excluding tax and shipping). As an advanced version, G1 EDU provides a combination of different module solutions, and the price is customized according to different customer needs. Compared with G1, G1 EDU supports Dex3-1 force-controlled dexterous hand installation, optional tactile sensor arrays, greater knee joint torque and arm load, and optional NVIDIA Jetson Orin high computing power module to support secondary development.

Unitree also released the robot world model, providing a co-creation platform: UnifoLM (Unitree Robot Unified Large Model), allowing everyone to jointly create a new era of intelligent agents and explore unlimited innovation possibilities.

As we all know, G1 is the second general-purpose humanoid robot introduced by Unitree, and will be widely used in comprehensive fields in the future. As early as last year, Unitree mass-produced the world's first full-size electric-driven humanoid robot H1 with the ability to perform backflips on the spot. It is about 180 cm tall and weighs about 47 kg. It has set a world record for the fastest running humanoid robot with a moving speed of 3.3m/s. At present, H1's AI-driven programs are rapidly iterating and changing with each passing day. In just six months, it has introduced several major version upgrades,becoming the world's leading company in high-performance humanoid robot technology and shipments.

Unitree G1 has made its debut at the ICRA 2024 Yokohama Japan exhibition. At the same time,in the sub-forums and seminars held on May 17, Xingxing Wang, the founder and CEO of Unitree Technology, will deliver three wonderful speeches, which will further demonstrate Unitree's outstanding influence in the field of global robotics.

Looking back on thousands of years of human history, we are now in an exciting era. Unitree will continue to rapidly promote breakthroughs in robotic technology and open a new era of intelligent agents. About 30% of industrial scenarios are expected to be redefined in the future, including many jobs in agriculture, construction and other fields that can be completed by humanoid robots, thus truly upgrading productivity.

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