Seegrid Lift Truck AMR is the Market's Most Advanced Automated Forklift

Autonomous Mobile Robotics Provider Creates Next Generation Autonomy Platform with Humanlike 3D Perception

Geek+ and OSARO Bring the Future of Industrial Automation to DHL's Asia Pacific Innovation Center

The "Warehouse of the Future" exhibit will demonstrate robots working together in a complete e-commerce automation solution

MassRobotics Announces AWS Robotics Startup Accelerator

AWS Robotics Accelerator to scale robotics startups focused on automation and IIOT

HAI ROBOTICS boosts e-commerce fulfillment for cross-border warehouse in U.K.

By leveraging an autonomous case-handling robotics (ACR) system, the project has helped sellers localize its overseas e-commerce businesses and shorten delivery time to end users.

Start ROS-base Gazebo Simulation With AgileX Robotics Unmanned Ground Robotics Chassis

AgileX Robotics robotics chassis is ready for ROS2 and Gazebo, and some will come soon!

Nimble Robotics Transforms eCommerce Fulfillment, Deploying Fleets of Intelligent Picking Robots, Alleviating Record Labor Shortages

Fortune 500 retailers turn to startup to address labor shortages and meet skyrocketing eCommerce

ADVANCED Motion Controls Releases 60Amp Micro-Sized FlexPro Servo Drives

ADVANCED Motion Controls has released 7 new micro-sized FlexPro servo drives rated to output 60A continuous. The 60A continuous current rating is 33% higher than previous models for the same size making these our highest power-density servo drives to date. This offering includes PCB Mount, Machine Embedded and Development Board form factors.

Robotics Summit & Expo Returns to Boston in May 2022

Third year technical design and development event for producers of commercial class robotics systems returns in 2022 with deepened coverage, an expanded expo floor, and co-locates with the Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum.

Honeywell To Open Advanced Warehouse Automation R&D Center In Czech Republic

- New facility to establish Central and Eastern Europe as a major warehouse automation hub for Honeywell - Development site gives companies across the continent a facility to test, prototype and train customers on Honeywell state-of-the-art material handling hardware and software solutions

ABB partners with start-up Sevensense to drive next generation autonomous mobile robots

• ABB invests in Swiss start-up and ETH Zurich spin-off Sevensense Robotics (Sevensense), a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D visual technology • Integrating Sevensense AI and navigation technology will enable future autonomous mobile robots (AMR) to work in more dynamic, unstructured environments

Celera Motion Unveils the Multiturn Inductive Angle Encoder

The latest addition to the IncOder Series, the Multiturn offers precise angle measurements for applications including robot joints, cranes and antenna masts

Percepto launches new drone and advanced AI-powered analytics for its 2022 Autonomous Inspection & Monitoring platform

-Percepto AIM named one of TIME's 100 Best Inventions of 2021 -Company delivers first-of-its-kind, industry-tailored insights and integration with third-party drones and sensors

ABB and Zume to Accelerate Transition Away From Single Use Plastics

-Agreement for creation of 100 percent compostable packaging made from plant-based agricultural material -ABB robots will automate production, enabling the scale and speed required to make Zume's packaging a cost-effective alternative to single-use plastics -Under 10 percent of 380 million tons of plastic produced globally every year is recycled. Plant-based packaging can significantly reduce plastic going to landfill and our oceans


Rex can clean a football field in one hour - without human oversight.

TÜV Rheinland of North America Opens New Testing Services Laboratory in Ohio

TÜV Rheinland's new testing facility will support nondestructive and destructive testing in the Mid-West

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Parker LORD MicroStrain Sensing System

Parker LORD MicroStrain Sensing System

The new complete inertial navigation solution comes with GNSS/INS 3DMGQ7 sensor, 3DMRTK correction modem and real time SensorCloud RTK correction network. The sensor comes with Dual antenna GNSS, tactical grade IMU with centimeter-level accuracy with RTK. Low profile and light weight at 78 grams, this sensor is The sensor is optimized for size and weight in Unmanned Ground Vehicles, mobile robots and autonomous vehicles. The network interface 3DMRTK modem is seamlessly integrated into the 3DMGQ7 sensor supports industry-standard NMEA and RTCM 3.1 protocols. The network RTK support comes with cellular data plan. The SensorCloud RTK is a cloud-based RTK correction system with private encrypted data stream. Check out our G Series and C Series OEM products.