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RoboticsTomorrow Newsletter - Mar 19/14

What to Look for When Specifying a Robot Cable

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RoboticsTomorrow Newsletter - Mar 19/14
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What to Look for When Specifying a Robot Cable
03/14/14, Contributed by, Igus
In order for a cable to withstand repeated torsional movement, it’s necessary for the cable to have a special design. It’s important that the conductors, shield construction and jacket materials of the cable compensate for major changes in bending load and diameter.

Robotic Welding Series: Robotic Flexibility Can Open Up Opportunities For Job Shops
03/14/14, Erica DeMott, KC Robotics
This is the final installment of a 4-part series by KC Robotics about the automated arc welding industry.

Why I Automate: Vickers Engineering
02/27/14, Contributed by, Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics allows us to draw a different level of employee. Employees that aren’t just looking for a paycheck, but looking for a career.

Interview with Jim Gruszczynski of Nabtesco Motion Control
02/27/14, Jim Gruszczynski, Nabtesco Motion Control
In the near future the more advanced the equipment becomes we must produce more skilled labor. This is great benefit to the US in that companies themselves will be helping educate their employees and improving the workforce.

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SimpleCV is an open source framework for building computer vision applications. With it, you get access to several high-powered computer vision libraries such as OpenCV – without having to first learn about bit depths, file formats, color spaces, buffer management, eigenvalues, or matrix versus bitmap storage. This is computer vision made easy... (cont'd)

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Universal Robots - Collaborative Robot Solutions

Universal Robots has reinvented industrial robotics with the lightweight and flexible UR 5 and UR10 robot arms. The Danish-designed robots automate production in all industries - even in SMBs that regard automation as prohibitively expensive, cumbersome, and difficult to integrate. The robot arms require no safety shielding, can work alongside personnel, and are easily moved around the production site to complete even the most detailed tasks. Programming is intuitive, eliminating the need for skilled programmers; simply grab the robot arm to show it the desired movement, or use the simple touch screen. The robots are sold in over 40 countries worldwide.

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Staubli Corporation/Multi-Contact USA

Known worldwide for the quality of our design and innovation for more than a century, the Stäubli Group has brought its renowned engineering expertise and technological ingenuity to the forefront of robotics. Since 1982, we have built a highly regarded robotics business, and more significantly, transformed the way thousands of manufacturing operations perform. Today Stäubli Robotics is a leading player in robotics around the world, consistently delivering engineering as effective and reliable as our service and support.

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