OrionStar Robotics to Unveil Fully-Automated Restaurant Solution at NRA 2023

The 2023 BLS Employment Situation Report reveals a labor shortage and rising wages in the US, with 2.8 million fewer workers and a 5.3% wage increase from Feb 2020 to Jan 2023. The restaurant industry is hit hard with labor shortages, higher costs, and poor customer experience. Automation is being adopted to improve efficiency and customer experience.


OrionStar Robotics and Rocky Mountain Robotech will jointly release the latest restaurant automation solution at the 2023 NRA Show. Visit booth 8602 (07-08) in the Lakeside Center from May 20-23.


This innovative solution integrates AI-powered robots with self-ordering and self-checkout devices, KDS, table trackers, and robot call buttons, enabling the robots to perform multiple roles, from order takers and food runners to table bussers. Their seamless integration into existing workflows optimizes restaurant efficiency and enhances customer satisfaction.


Robot Kiosk's Order and Pay Solution integrates with restaurant POS systems, allowing customers to order and pay directly through the robot while supporting three payment methods: third-party payment, credit cards, or server call. The user experience is enhanced with voice interaction and touchscreen operation.


Smart Positioning Solution integrates with a restaurant's POS system, Table Tracker, and delivery robots, allowing customers to choose seats and associate orders with tables. The table tracker will assist robots in identifying the correct table for meal delivery.


Meal Delivery Solution uses delivery robots to transport food and drinks from the kitchen to the table. When the meal is ready, the KDS calls the robot to the pick-up area, and the robot autonomously delivers it to the table. Cup holders are provided for drink stability; up to 30 robots can collaborate for maximum efficiency.


Smart Summon Solution lets customers summon a robot to their table with a button for ordering more food or returning dirty dishes.


What Partners and Clients Say

Bill Gu, the CEO of Rocky Mountain Robotech, a technology company based in Colorado, commended OrionStar Robots for its superior hardware components and open software platform. He emphasized its potential for voice interaction capabilities, achieved through the integration of ChatGPT and Google Dialogflow. Leveraging these features, they have successfully developed the world's first fully automated restaurant solution.


A restaurant owner in America reported that OrionStar's robot solution transformed their dining experience. With 500 daily delivery tasks, 2 delivery robots completed 400 deliveries over 15km and automated 80% of tasks. Staff focused on table service, increasing tips, with one server earning over $300 daily. Overall, OrionStar revolutionized food and drink service, providing a better experience for customers and staff.


About OrionStar Robotics

OrionStar Robotics is a world-leading robotics company, providing intelligent solutions across diverse industries since 2016. Their goal is to use technology to free people from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more creative and meaningful work. As of March 2023, OrionStar has deployed over 48,000 robots in more than 40 countries.

To learn more about OrionStar Robotics, please visit en.orionstar.com, or follow OrionStar on social media: LinkedIn / YouTube / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


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