Swiss start-ups are raising capital at high speed: what can we learn from them?

Switzerland, known for its chocolate, watches, and banks, is now carving out a reputation as a burgeoning hub for robotics startups. The confluence of innovation, skilled talent, and a conducive business environment makes Switzerland an attractive country for venture capitalists looking to invest in the future of technology. This article explores five Swiss robotics startups that have recently attracted significant investments from global firms, showcasing the country's potential as a hotbed for robotics innovation and reviewing the latest robotic developments, the ones which are validated by investors:


Ascento Robotics: Pioneering Autonomous Security

Hailing from the tech-centric city of Zurich, Ascento Robotics has made headlines by securing USD 43 million to advance their autonomous security patrolling robots. These robots, designed to navigate complex terrains, could revolutionize the way we approach security over large spaces, offering a glimpse into a future where robotic patrols are commonplace.


Lem Surgical: Advancing Precision in Surgery

In the historic city of Bern, Lem Surgical has secured EUR 23.6 million in Series B funding to fine-tune their robotic system for surgical assistance. Their focus is on enhancing the precision and control of surgical procedures, with an eye towards meeting the stringent requirements of the FDA. This significant investment is a testament to the potential impact of their technology on the healthcare industry.


ANYbotics: Transforming Industrial Maintenance

Zurich-based ANYbotics has raised an impressive EUR 46 million in Series B funding, reflecting confidence in their four-legged robots designed for the industrial sector. These robots aim to take on inspection and maintenance tasks that would be hazardous for humans, promising to improve both safety and efficiency in challenging industrial environments.


Saeki Robotics: Shaping the Factories of the Future

Zurich-based SAEKI Robotics specialises in creating advanced, flexible, lights-out factories using digital manufacturing and robotics. They provide comprehensive automation for large-scale 3D printing, machining, and inspection of functional parts. This includes offering instant quotes and working with smart materials tailored to specific applications. The company's Swiss roots recently have supported them in raising EUR 2.1 million to develop technologies for flexible manufacturing processes. Their vision to reshape factories with adaptable robotics solutions could lead to a revolution in manufacturing efficiency and customization


Ecorobotix: Revolutionizing Agricultural Practices

Swiss ingenuity in agriculture shines with the Vaud based Ecorobotix, which has attracted USD 52 million to expand their autonomous crop protection robots into the Americas. Their technology focuses on precision agriculture, targeting weeds and pests to reduce the reliance on chemical treatments and promote sustainable farming practices.


Is Switzerland as a Robotics Powerhouse?

The success of these startups is a clear indication that Switzerland is not just a safe haven for wealth management, but also a fertile ground for technological growth. The combination of a strategic European location, stable economy, a pool of highly educated engineers, supportive government policies, and a legacy of high-quality manufacturing makes Switzerland an ideal locale for robotics companies to thrive. Furthermore, Switzerland has world-leading engineering universities such as EPFL and ETH Zurich. As these companies continue to develop their cutting-edge technologies, they not only contribute to the Swiss economy but also to the global advancement of robotics.

By fostering a rich ecosystem for startups, Switzerland is positioning itself as a leader in the next wave of technological innovation, with robotics at the forefront. Investors and entrepreneurs worldwide are taking notice, as Swiss robotics startups continue to secure capital and push the boundaries of what's possible, one robot at a time.


Eszter Kovács is the esteemed co-founder of DroneTalks, an innovative online platform dedicated to disseminating knowledge and fostering discussion among professionals in the drone industry. DroneTalks serves as a pivotal resource, offering educational content that engages individuals across various disciplines and cultures, enhancing their understanding of the drone and robotics sectors along with the groundbreaking ideas shaping these fields.


Eszter herself is a recognized authority in the drone industry. Her expertise is regularly sought by major publications for insights on emerging trends. Beyond her contributions to thought leadership, Eszter serves as a strategic advisor to a number of drone-centric startups. Her advisory acumen is further exemplified by her positions on the advisory boards of prominent drone initiatives, including AUVSI Xponential and Commercial UAV, all while she upholds her responsibilities as a board member of the Swiss Drone Industry Association.


With a solid foundation of technical innovation expertise, Eszter has been instrumental in driving the growth of numerous companies by guiding the implementation of intricate drone industry projects. She continues to provide strategic direction and operational transformation advice to industry leaders. Recognized for her leadership, Eszter was selected in 2020 by the Global Unmanned Traffic Management Association to steer the organization, directing more than 40 company leaders through a significant six-month restructuring effort. Her previous roles have equipped her with vast experience, having served as the program manager for the GSMA Drone Program and as an Agile Coach for the Swiss Civil Aviation Authority's Drone Program.


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