Jamco America Announces Extensive Testing Service Capabilities for Entire Product Design Cycle

From materials and environmental testing to static and dynamic test facilities, Jamco America experts can meet various different industries testing need

New analysis: mass robot potential for US manufacturing SMEs in next 3 years

Robot technologies - once unattainable for SME's - are now becoming a commodity: Standardized, affordable and easier to implement

AMP Robotics and Agrex-Eco Launch AI-Powered Recycling Demonstration Site in Poland

Companies working together to lower the cost of recycling and improve material recovery in Europe with AI and automation

634AI and InOrbit collaborate to bring more efficient AMR fleet management to the U.S. market

The joint solution is designed to enable a deeper understanding of the flows on industrial and warehouse floors, to support the easy integration of AMRs on work floors and optimize their activity.

Seegrid Ranked No. 1 Autonomous Mobile Robot Provider in the U.S. by Interact Analysis

New report also highlights Seegrid's position as a global leader in mobile robotics for material handling

STXI Motion Brings Robust Drive Systems to Autonomous Mobile Robots & Logistics Conference

STXI Motion presents its mobiMS wheel drive system, servSD servo drives, stepIM integrated closed loop steppers, Rayon harsh environment drives, and Rayon embedded servo drives, all of which specifically target AMR and automated guided vehicle (AGV) deployment.

Novanta Renames Newly Acquired Company Novanta IMS, Highlights Opportunities Ahead

Formerly known as Schneider Electric Motion, Novanta IMS will open new markets and create synergies for its new parent company.

Automating the plastics industry

It is the task of robot manufacturers to better inform the marketplace that automation can enhance their productivity and efficiency, while remaining competitive. For the plastics and injection moulding market, investing in automation certainly doesn't automatically lead to the depletion of a human workforce. Instead, robots should be seen as a means to do more with the equipment plastics manufacturers currently have.

Innomaint CMMS Awarded as the Most Innovative Cloud-Based Maintenance Management Software 2021

Innomaint CMMS has been awarded as the Most Innovative Cloud-Based Maintenance Management Software in 2021 by Corporate Vision

Program your robot faster than ever with Robotmaster's latest update

Hypertherm announced an update to its Robotmaster® offline robot programming software. This new version 7.5 update focuses on accelerating and simplifying the programming process and includes new features for a variety of robotic applications. First-time users with limited programming experience can quickly, easily, and confidently generate error-free programs. Power users can generate their robot code at an accelerated speed and increase their productivity.

Geek+ RoboShuttle Wins European Product Design Award

Winner of the industrial robot category for combining flexible, functional, and aesthetic robot design to build automated solutions that have a real impact on the world of warehousing.

MiR Teams with CSi palletising to Fully Automate Material Transport within Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Facilities

CSi palletising introduces autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions with MiR's new MiR1350, the market's first IP52-rated AMR; showcases benefits of fully automated palletizing for CPG markets

Mencom EMC Rectangular Enclosures Will Protect Data/Signals from Electromagnetic Interferences

Mencom, the North American Master Distributor for ILME connectors, offers rectangular enclosures with EMC shielding to protect the sensitive signals from external electromagnetic signals but also to seal stronger signals from leaking to the outside and interfering with surrounding electronics.

Machine vision: MVTec extends deep learning spectrum with HALCON 21.11 Progress

• Instance segmentation expands range of deep learning functions • Combination of classic and modern machine vision technologies • HALCON 21.11 will be released on November 17, 2021

GML and FRAMOS Join Forces to Develop Life-Ready AI for 3D Industrial Vision

This project is based on FRAMOS's D435e Industrial Depth Camera and GML's GrAI VIP (Vision Inference Processor) and was formed to advance vision application development in robotics, automation, IoT-connected manufacturing, and more.

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Efficient power for robotic applications

Efficient power for robotic applications

Vicor power modules support a component-based power delivery network to power motor drives and demanding CPUs. They are optimized for high efficiency, density, overall performance and are also lightweight compared to other solutions. These modules can also be paralleled, allowing for scalability in power as robotic power demands increase and also allow for the same power architecture to be deployed within a platform of various sized robot systems.