Roberta Nelson Shea, Universal Robots, and Jeff Burnstein, Association for Advancing Automation, Selected for 2023 Joseph F. Engelberger Robotics Awards

The robotics industry's most prestigious award will be presented Wednesday, May 24, at Automate in Detroit

Hypertherm Associates announces Sofos Robotics Co. as new authorized partner for Robotmaster offline programming software

Sofos Robotics uses Robotmaster to perform robotic system engineering including cell design, reach and feasibility studies, as well as for their programming services.

SVT Robotics Will Run Live Integrations of Warehouse Automation at ProMat 2023 Booth

Production-level, end-to-end automation integration and deployment demos, from WMS to robotics to packout, will occur throughout the show

Insights from Brenton Engineering Company

Equipment Flexibility Key to Accommodating Changing Applications , The Upside of Automation on Your End-of-Line Operation, The Value of Project Management

BlueBotics to demonstrate AGV/AMR interoperability and help companies build the business case for mobile robotics at ProMAT 2023

A leader in autonomous navigation, BlueBotics will demonstrate interoperability through a multi-brand AGV/AMR fleet demo and host an expert seminar to help companies build the business case for mobile robotics.

CoaXPress Express over Fiber Optic Cables Opens Up New Opportunities in High-Speed Imaging

An extension of the existing CoaXPress 2.1 specification, CXPoF supports data transport from a camera to the host PC over fiber optic cabling instead of coaxial copper cable. CXPoF combines CoaXPress 2.1 bandwidth with fiber optic's virtually unlimited cable lengths, immunity to electrical noise, and lighter and smaller footprint.

Omron Announces Xigent Automation Systems as a Certified Systems Integrator Partner

Industry-leading automation solutions provider Omron Automation Americas welcomes new partner Xigent Automation Systems, a full-service provider of automation and robotics solutions.

Robots in Automotive Industry: How to Use Them to Increase Efficiency

The use of robots in automotive manufacturing processes enables a very high degree of repeatability and precision, resulting in process optimization and increased productivity. This is how the increasingly high industry standards demanded by manufacturers are met.

Premo Robotics releases the new collaborative robot with 6DoF, the pArm6

The pArm6 COBOT ARM+CONTROLLER with six degrees of freedom (6DoF) is designed to work alongside human operators in a shared workspace, performing a variety of tasks such as quality inspection, material handling, dispensing, assembly, palletizing, welding, finishing, and material removal.

Robert Turk Named President of Precision Drive Systems

Precision Drive Systems (PDS), a global solution provider of precision motor spindles, expert engineering and support, and repair services headquartered in Charlotte, NC, has announced today that Robert Turk has been promoted to the role of the company's President.

Comparing XY-Theta Motion / Positioning Stage Options for Precision Automation Applications

These systems can be configured and supplied as individual components or as complete integrated motion systems with custom interfaces, cable management solutions, vacuum feedthroughs and application-optimized integrated granite and aluminum structures.

Wagner Logistics Expands Warehouse Management into Portland

Wagner Logistics provides finished goods overflow solutions for Modlo

CoEvolution's US debut at PROMAT 2023 - Booth N7530

Smart flexible warehouse solutions and innovative multi-robot orchestration from CoEvolution at PROMAT 2023, as the company launches its innovative tech on the US stage and seeks new partners.

3M Finesse-it Robotic Paint Repair System wins another international SURCAR award

The 3M™ Finesse-it™ Robotic Paint Repair System, developed by robotics experts in the 3M Abrasive Systems Division, has been recognized once again for its groundbreaking innovation.

Fulfil Solutions Emerges From Stealth With Revolutionary Robotic Automation to Make Online Grocery Profitable

Fulfil's robot-powered automated store enables The Save Mart Companies to delight customers with accurate grocery orders packed and delivered fast and at ultra-low cost

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