SMAC Announces Release of High Torque Brushless Motors

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators announces new brushless high torque DC motors.

Harmonic Drive Releases New HPN-RA Harmonic Planetary Right Angle Value Series Gearhead

The popular HPN Harmonic Planetary® value series from Harmonic Drive LLC is now available in a right angle configuration. The HPN-RA provides a low cost solution without the need to compromise on quality or performance.

Innovative Gripper Solution for Robot-based Handling in Automated Aseptic Filling Processes for Pharmaceuticals

In the search for alternatives to mass products, the industry is increasingly relying on customization. Thus the filling and packaging solutions are also becoming ever faster and more flexible.

UltraFlex induction brazing copper tube to a rod within 40 seconds, at output power of 1600 F (871 °C)

In a recent test setup, UltraFlex Power Technologies demonstrated the speed and quality of induction brazing for manufacturing purposes.

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) to Discuss Automating 'Non-Conveyable' Material Transport During RIA Robotics Week

Vendor of collaborative, flexible and robust autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to speak on virtual panel "Logistics and Warehousing: Use Cases for Robotics" September 10, demonstrate entire fleet of AMRs

New UltraPure - Advancing competitive edge for biotech and pharma

Alfa Laval UltraPure products boost pharma and biotech process efficiency, productivity and end-product quality. The new LKH Prime 10 UltraPure self-priming pump and upgraded LeviMag® UltraPure magnetic mixers also reduce total cost of ownership while ensuring more responsible use of resources for sterile processing applications. Both are also backed by the Alfa Laval Q-doc documentation package for full supply chain transparency.

Harmonic Drive Releases New HPN-RA Harmonic Planetary Right Angle Value Series Gearhead

The HPN-RA provides a low cost solution without the need to compromise on quality or performance.

Year-to-Date Numbers Show Decline in Robotics (18%), Machine Vision (8%), and Motion Control (6%) Orders Compared to 2019

Bright Spot: leading economic forecaster provides optimist outlook for overall economy moving into 2021

OMRON Announces the World's First1 "Robotic Integrated Controller" to Control Fully Automated Robotic Production Systems

New solution extends automation technology by automating manual work, and innovating manufacturing in virtual and remote environments

Mencom Circular Connectors are IP69 Rated

Mencom is very pleased to announce that most circular connector product lines are now IP69 rated.

ABB Dynamic Assembly Pack provides missing last piece in automating final trim assembly applications

New force control sensors enable robots to accurately perform assembly tasks during final trim assembly, improving productivity, ergonomics and quality.

Simplifying Motion Control through Integration of All System Components

Integration is about adding value for customers by designing products that include multiple parts of the solution into a single instrument. For motion control hardware, this can mean combining the mechanics along with a motor, encoder, limit sensor, driver, and controller.

ForwardX Max 500 AMR Earns CE Mark

ForwardX's autonomous pallet mover now meets EU health and safety standards

Putting Food Safety First With Robots - Could Robots Lead the Fight Against Contamination in Food Production Lines?

The CDC reports that around 70 per cent of all foodborne diseases are caused by contaminated individuals. How can food manufacturers better manage the risks that human workers pose to food quality and safety?

UltraFlex induction melting aluminum and iron alloys

At an output power of 2.8 kW, it took EasyMelt only 5 to 8 minutes to melt the alloys. The customer got a full report on the heating parameters and excellent results achieved throughout their induction melting process.

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Factory Automation - Featured Product

Novotechnik - Vert-X 05E Series of dual angle/speed sensors

Novotechnik - Vert-X 05E Series of dual angle/speed sensors

Vert-X 05E Series of dual angle/speed sensors. The series features easy mounting in small and narrow spaces with a 5 mm body depth and mounting flanges with metal inserts. The sensors make measurements only 6 mm from edge of product for close-to-wall measurement applications. Vert-X 05E Series sensors measure angles from 0 to 360°, rotational speed and direction with repeatability to 0.1°.