NuTec Employs Epson Cleanroom SCARA Robots to Automate Medical Syringe Manufacturing, Including a COVID-19 Medical Application

NuTec's Syringe Coating Machine Includes Four Epson G6 Cleanroom SCARA Robots to Precisely, Efficiently, and Cost-Effectively Automate Syringe Manufacturing


The 10 new arms bring the total number of different varieties available from LK to 34. International sales and support is through the company's offices in the UK, North America, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and China as well as via a worldwide distributor network.

Speech and Voice Recognition Market Poised to Surge US$ 43 Billion By 2030 | insightSLICE

Speech and Voice Recognition market is poised to surpass US$ 43 Bn by 2030.The rising number of small and medium enterprises across North America and the Asia Pacific is creating new opportunities in the speech and voice recognition market.

Motion Control Market To Witness CAGR Tremendous 5% CAGR By 2030 | insightSLICE

According to latest research report published by InsightSLICE, the global Motion Control market size was valued at $18.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to witness a CAGR of 5% by 2030. Motion Control Market Report provides crucial industry insights that will help your business raise.

LoadMate Plus Robotic Cell From Mitsubishi Electric Streamlines Part Loading, Unloading, and Palletizing in Low-To-High Volume Applications

Mitsubishi and Absolute jointly designed the plug-and-play cell. It consists of a Mitsubishi industrial robot, a wheeled stainless steel base, a clear polycarbonate cell enclosure featuring a safety door with an interlock switch, and a side table extension.

OnLogic Now Offering Cincoze GM-1000 Embedded GPU Computer For Machine Vision Applications

The Cincoze GM-1000 features an embedded MXM GPU, high-speed I/O and Intel® Xeon® CPUs to meet the demands of advanced embedded vision.

Universal Robots Launches First Virtual Expo Focused on Automating Machine Tending Tasks with Collaborative Robots

The two-day Machine Tending Expo February 23-24 focuses on manufacturers looking for concrete insights on deploying cobots to tend machines such as CNC, press brakes, injection molding machines or 3D printers. In live demos, keynotes and interactive booth sessions with exhibiting partners, Universal Robots offers solutions on how to seamlessly implement cobots, tackling the labor shortage, while improving crucial machine uptime.

Automated Finishing: the Impacts of Robotics in the Industry

Increased interest, and also in dystopian perspectives, is the collective imagination built around the presence of robots in daily production. To clarify, in this article, Arcos provides a useful overview to understand the impact of robotics in the automated finishing sector.

Partnership as a path to innovation

Innovation is constantly changing the world around us and the dynamic development of technology is accelerating this process. Wanting to set the newest trends in the Industry 4.0 sector, A4BEE Architects for Business (A4BEE) and YASKAWA have formed a research and development partnership in the area of new technology implementation within the industrial sector.

Manufacturing Robots to Hit $18.6B in Market Value in 2021, a 40% Increase in Three Years

According to data presented by, the global market value of conventional and advanced robotics in the manufacturing industry is expected to continue rising and hit $18.6bn in 2021, a 40% increase in three years.

Overcome powder mixing challenges with Alfa Laval's Hybrid Powder Mixer

Looking to eliminate lumping when dispersing and dissolving powdered pectin? Try the Alfa Laval Hybrid Powder Mixer (HPM) before you invest in a new powder mixer. Test results show you can cut mixing time by up to 30% while increasing yield and product quality.

COVID-19 Impact on Smart Manufacturing Market worth $220.4 billion by 2025

COVID-19 Impact on Smart Manufacturing Market by Enabling Technology (Condition Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence, IIoT, Digital Twin, Industrial 3D Printing), Information Technology (WMS, MES, PAM, HMI), Industry, and Region - Global Forecast to 2025

Graco Announces New Voltex Dynamic Mix Valve

Two-component dispense valve improves process performance

Automate the movements of your load carriers with A-MATE

K.Hartwall is launching a brand-new AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) called A-MATE. This is the first fully electric free-lift pallet AGV with omnidirectional drive on the market. A-MATE is an extremely versatile mobile robot that will bring a new level of automation to intra-logistics, and to the movements of different load carriers, from pallets to roll containers and foldable cages or "gitter" boxes.

FAULHABER expands its encoder portfolio by adding multiturn absolute encoders with line driver - Integrated referencing

In combination with brushless DC-servomotors, the new magnetic AEMT-12/16 L absolute encoder delivers absolute angle information with a preset multiturn resolution of 16 bits (65536 revolutions) and a singleturn resolution of 12 bits (4096 steps) for commutation, speed control and motion control.

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Factory Automation - Featured Product

Brenton - Case Packing and Palletizing using both Robotics and other Automation.

Brenton - Case Packing and Palletizing using both Robotics and other Automation.

Brenton is a leader in robotic solutions with standard product offerings including palletizing and depalletizing for efficient an option for carrying hard-to-handle products, as well as larger scale systems with an optimized footprint; and case and carton loading solutions for numerous industries. In addition, Brenton works with customers on integrated solutions, offering robotics in a broad spectrum of robotics to fully integrate end of line systems. Brenton helps packaging customers protect their reputation and grow the trust of their consumers.