Robotics Summit & Expo Comes to Silicon Valley in June 2020

International design and development event for producers of commercial class robotics systems to colocate with Sensors Expo & Conference in San Jose.

Gatik Launches from Stealth; Brings Autonomous Delivery Logistics to Walmart

Takes lead in autonomous vehicles for business to business short-haul logistics with additional customers and services launching this year

Mitsubishi Electric to Sponsor MassRobotics in the USA

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. announced today a sponsorship of MassRobotics.

"Image to information" with NXT Machine Vision

Industrial cameras of the IDS NXT family generate valuable information directly from image data through AI-based image processing.

InstantEye® Robotics Announces Extended Range, Endurance, and Payload Capacity Mk-3 SUAS Systems

The InstantEye® Mk-3 GEN4-D1 (ISR) is a long-endurance variant of the Mk-3 GEN4D- aircraft platform. The ISR variant uses proprietary battery chemistry, incorporated in purpose-built cell designs, with demonstrated flight times exceeding 50 minutes and organic ISR capability (thermal and 5MP E/O video) sensors.

NFI and 6 River Systems to Present at 3PL & Supply Chain Summit

Joanne Hoberg, VP of Solutions and Engineering at NFI, and Jerome Dubois, Co-founder and Co-CEO of 6 River Systems will present at the 3PL & Supply Chain Summit taking place June 10 - 12, 2019 in Atlanta, Ga.

RSE Unveils Lionfish Guardian LF1, Mark 4 Robot with Visual Recognition System for AI Aided Precision Fishing at Amazon re:MARS

The RSE Guardian LF1, Mark 4 ROV delivers depth, ease-of-use, under $1000 enabling fishermen and eco-tourists to reduce lionfish devastation

Aizawa Concrete Partners with Heavy Lift Long Range UAV provider 'Top Flight Technologies' for Proactive Road and Bridge Aerial Inspection and Repair

Aizawa teams up with Boston-based aerospace company to scale commercial UAVs for road and bridge network inspection and repair throughout Hokkaido and Japan. The partnership to cultivates new business opportunities around specialized heavy-lift, long-range (HLLR) UAVs for aerial inspection, analysis and operations targeted specifically for concrete roads, bridges and infrastructure. Top Flight's Airborg® UAV with its patented hybrid-electric power system allows for extended flight times and heavier payloads for commercial use.

ANA Avatar Unites Tech Leaders to Debut the World's First Touch-transmitting Telerobotic Hand at Amazon re:MARS Tech Showcase

The innovative technology has been called the 'Holy Grail of robotics'*1 for its potential to revolutionize the industry, making the upcoming public test a true milestone for ANA's ventures in robotics.

Fetch Robotics Named As a Leader In IDC MarketScape for Autonomous Mobile Robots for General Warehouse Automation

Report Recognizes Fetch as an AMR Leader Owing to Cloud Robotics Expertise, Broad Product Portfolio, Ease of Integration

GeckoSystems Reveals AI Sentience for Home Robots

"AI sentience, a machine's awareness of its context and the appropriate, common sense responses to the dynamics and realities of its situation, has been pursued by AI researchers for several decades. Our constellation of synergistic AI Savants within our self-subsuming biological hierarchical architecture enables the invocation of emergent behaviors that produce beneficial, pet-like sentience for family lifestyle betterment, as well as other mobile service robot applications," stated Martin Spencer, CEO, GeckoSystems.

Robotic Inspection of In-Service Diesel Storage Tank a Success

The autonomous robot, designed and manufactured by Square Robot, has received National Electric Code Class 1, Division 2 (C1D2) certification allowing inspections to occur while the tank is in-service and filled with product.

Velodyne Wins Patent Challenge

Patent Trial and Appeal Board Upholds Validity of Velodyne's US Patent 7,969,558

NXT Robotics Corp. Launches Its 5th Generation Autonomous AI Security Patrol Vehicle and Platform

Maverick's baseline model includes four high resolution PTX security cameras which can be used to do AI based analysis of a physical environment along with license plate detection and facial and object recognition.

The World Conference for Inspection and Maintenance Robotics 2019 to take place in the largest petrochemical hub of Europe

Global industry leaders of inspection, maintenance and cleaning robotics for capital-intensive infrastructure gather in Rotterdam

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LORD Sensing Systems - Inertial Sensing Products

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