EduCart: Next-Generation Fenceless Robotic Training Program

The pre-engineered EduCart™ workcell, developed for education, workforce development, industrial robotics certification programs and Industry 4.0 applications, features a fenceless design and six-axis industrial robot.

Pilz Hit With Cyberattack - Cybercrime is a serious threat to our world

Pilz stands defiant against major cyberattack and sees it as an opportunity for restructure.

UC Berkeley's Ken Goldberg to Deliver Keynote at the 2019 Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum

Co-Director of Center for Automation and Learning for Medical Robotics to discuss the future of robot-assisted surgery at inaugural healthcare robotics design and development event.

VadaTech Announces 8U VPX Chassis with Six 3U Slots and RTM Support

VadaTech, a leading manufacturer of integrated systems, embedded boards, enabling software and application-ready platforms, announces the VTX660. The VTX660 is an 8U VPX chassis with six 3U VPX slots.

OnRobot's New One System Solution Wins Gold in LEAP Awards

New unified interface seamlessly connecting any OnRobot end-of-arm-tooling with a wide range of robot arms is recognized by three leading publications in the design engineering space, awarding the One System Solution a gold medal in the LEAP Awards' industrial automation category.

Robotic Unit Orders Show Growth Over Last Year

Robotic Industries Association (RIA) statistics report more than 5% increase

Mouser Electronics and Grant Imahara Explore Crowd Funding for Innovators in Newest "Engineering Big Ideas" Video

In part three, Imahara meets with Josh Lifton, President of Crowd Supply, a successful crowd funding platform based in Portland, Ore. Crowd Supply partners with creators and entrepreneurs who utilize the service to tap pools of small contributions from the public to fund ideas.

XY Single Module Precision Linear Stage Family Available in 4", 8", 12" Travel

2-Axis precision motion is available with low-profile integrated designs, in 3 travel ranges, with a choice of 3-phase linear motors, or recirculating ball screw drives, new from PI.

zSpace Expands AR/VR Applications to Industrial Robotics, Prepares Students for Industry Certifications and Workforce Opportunities in Manufacturing

zSpace to showcase award-winning solutions at ACTE 2019, highlighting interactive, hands-on learning experiences for trade schools, career colleges and community courses

Smart Manufacturing Experience 2020 - The Call for Speakers is Open through December 6, 2019

Smart Manufacturing Experience offers several unique opportunities to speak face-to-face with engineers, managers and executives looking for the latest advanced manufacturing processes and practices that can help them survive and thrive in the global economy.

Stäubli to Demo Range of Robots Designed for Food Usage in Booth No. B6851 at IPPE 2020

Humid Environment (HE) line of solutions leads the industry in the safe, hygienic processing of a wide range of food products, including meats.

Soft skin-like robots you can put in your pocket

This new advance, published in Soft Robotics, could create new thin and light robots for environmental monitoring and deployment in hazardous environments, robot grippers for delicate objects and new wearable technologies.

Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Motor Commutation Made Easy

Quantum Devices, Inc. is announcing the introduction of a time saving programming device that will greatly speed Brushless DC motor (BLDC) communication programming. It is primarily intended to reduce production assembly and configuration time for OEMs that require incremental encoders to precisely control motion and position in the equipment they produce.

ABB partners with Exeger to speed up world's transition to clean energy

ABB's high-efficiency robots and expertise in industrial automation will help Exeger scale up production of unique patented solar cell technology.

DENSO Robots Featured at New Cranbrook Institute of Science Exhibit

Robot Revolution, open Nov. 19, gives DENSO opportunity to showcase robotics innovations, inspire youth and highlight how the company has helped advance manufacturing over last half century

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Industrial Robotics - Featured Product

Schmalz Technology Development - Vacuum Generation without Compressed Air - Flexible and Intelligent

Schmalz Technology Development - Vacuum Generation without Compressed Air - Flexible and Intelligent

• Vacuum generation that's 100% electrical; • Integrated intelligence for energy and process control; • Extensive communication options through IO-Link interface; Schmalz already offers a large range of solutions that can optimize handling process from single components such as vacuum generators to complete gripping systems. Particularly when used in autonomous warehouse, conventional vacuum generation with compressed air reaches its limits. Compressed air often is unavailable in warehouses. Schmalz therefore is introducing a new technology development: a gripper with vacuum generation that does not use compressed air. The vacuum is generated 100% electrically. This makes the gripper both energy efficient and mobile. At the same time, warehouses need systems with integrated intelligence to deliver information and learn. This enables the use of mobile and self-sufficient robots, which pick production order at various locations in the warehouse. Furthermore, Schmalz provides various modular connection options from its wide range of end effectors in order to handle different products reliably and safely.