The below table shows the location, the number jobs & the key employers. We only searched for jobs that had “Robotics” in the job title.

Where are the Top Robotics Employers?

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If you are looking for a Robotics job & wondering where most of the jobs are, we have some data for you. The below table shows the location, the number jobs & the key employers. We only searched for jobs that had “Robotics” in the job title.  Here are some key trends from the data table:

  • Pittsburgh: No surprise that Carnegie Mellon is the leading employer of Robotics specialists given the brand name it has in Robotics research.

  • Boston & Connecticut: If you are interested in Robotics & healthcare, New England maybe the place for you with Vecna & Medical equipment makers Covidien & Medtronic  as the leading Robotics employers in this region.

  • Bay Area & Silicon Valley: Tesla is actively recruiting for robotics engineers, given the scale of automation in their factories.



Number of Jobs

Top Employers

Pittsburgh, PA 


  • Carnegie Mellon University (13)

  • Vesuvius U S A Corporation (2)

Auburn Hills, MI


  • ABB (5)

  • Reliance One (2)

  • Dassault Systemes (1)

  • Nexteer Automotive (1)

  • Dassault Systèmes (1)

  • Barton Group (1)

  • Reliance One Inc. (1)

  • FCA Group LLC (1)

Boston, MA


  • iRobot (5)

  • Covidien (2)

  • Medtronic (2)

  • Harvard University (2)

  • Control System Integrators, Inc. (1)

  • Rethink Robotics (1)

  • Adept Technology, Inc. (1)

Cambridge, MA


  • Vecna (6)

  • Hstar Technologies (3)

  • Aurora Flight Sciences (1)

  • Formlabs (1)

Houston, TX


  • Vesuvius U S A Corporation (2)

  • HX5 (2)

  • Jacobs Technology (1)

  • MD Anderson Cancer Center (1)

  • West Houston Medical Center - Houston (1)

  • Zenith Learning (1)

  • CHI St. Luke’s Health (1)

Fremont, CA


  • Tesla Motors (7)

  • Think Surgical (1)

New York, NY


  • Vesuvius U S A Corporation (2)

  • Counseling In Schools, Inc (1)

  • University Settlement Society of New York (1)

  • Bloomberg (1)

  • iDESIGN Solutions (1)

Pasadena, CA


  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory (6)

Detroit, MI


  • Vesuvius U S A Corporation (2)

  • Little Caesars (1)

  • JSR Associates, LLC (1)

  • Matchbook Learning (1)

Palo Alto, CA 


  • Robert Bosch LLC (2)

  • Bricks4kidz (1)

  • Castilleja School (1)

  • Lockheed Martin (1)

  • HDS (1)

Atlanta, GA


  • Vesuvius U S A Corporation (2)

  • Factory Automation Systems, Inc. (1)

  • Georgia Tech Research Institute (1)

  • Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael (1)

Austin, TX


  • IBM (2)

  • Xone Labs Inc. (1)

  • Stealth (1)

  • University of Texas at Austin (1)

North Haven, CT


  • Medtronic (3)

  • Covidien (2)

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