We had introduced the new TX2 at Automate which is part of the smart factory that we will have set up at PACK EXPO. If you didnt have a chance to learn about the levels of the MRC-Man Robot Collaboration, it would be a good time to stop by and allow us to show you how the TX2 will be used in the packaging market.

Talking PACK EXPO with Sebastien Schmitt of Stäubli

Sebastien Schmitt | Stäubli

Your company will be exhibiting at PACK EXPO, what is it that makes this an important event for your company?

Staubli #S5956 as a mechatronic solution provider is a recognized performant robotic supplier in Food and Pharma Medical markets.

We propose unique solutions for packaging and other processes that can fit highest environmental requirements, from food primary handling to aseptic manufacturing.

Consequently, Pack Expo is for Stäubli the occasion every year to present its latest innovation, launch new trends  and stay connected to our customer needs.

We show how robots can operate at high throughput and efficiency, minimizing process interruption and now incorporating different levels of human collaboration.


What can a visitor to your booth expect to see this year?

At booth #S5956, Stäubli will present his unique fast picking solution for packaging among his latest innovation in food and medical markets:

  • A smart factory will be created under the form of a risk asset robotic line to illustrate the scope of human robot collaboration possibilities within production environments.
  • Our aquarium demo cell will present the specificities of our Humid Environment range, the only wash down robots developed for Food and suitable in primary processing environment without protective cover.
  • Our fast picker TP80 will be highlighting Stäubli know-how in sorting, orientating and assembling applications of medical device. With his enclosed structure, the only clean picker existing on the market that can deliver more than 200 picks per minute will show the true meaning of consistent high performance.


Any new products you will be introducing?

We had introduced the new TX2 at Automate which is part of the smart factory that we will have set up at PACK EXPO.  If you didn’t have a chance to learn about the levels of the MRC-Man Robot Collaboration, it would be a good time to stop by and allow us to show you how the TX2 will be used in the packaging market.


When you get a chance to walk the exhibit hall floor yourself, what is it you will be most interested to see?

We are always interested in obtaining knowledge about the packaging industry changes and challenges to better service our customers.


When you book a booth for a tradeshow like this what are your expectations and what does your company hope to accomplish at the event?

Our goal is to illustrate and inform manufacturing and packaging companies of the various areas of a packaging line that robots can improve upon efficiency, cleanliness and safety not only to the product itself but also to the employees that may be working around or with the robots.



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Staubli Corporation

Staubli Corporation

Stäubli is a leading manufacturer of textile machinery, quick release couplings and robotics systems. With a workforce of over 4500 employees Stäubli is present in 25 countries supported by a comprehensive distribution network in 50 countries worldwide. Stäubli's North American headquarters is located in Duncan, South Carolina and has over 200 employees supporting Textile, Connectors and Robotics customers, with a dynamic sales force strategically placed on the West Coast, Canada, Mexico, and elsewhere throughout the continent.

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