We’ll be participating in an on-floor seminar, “Bridging the Labor Gap in your DC” where we’ll discuss how robotic solutions can augment your labor force using the latest advances in robotic technology. Booth: #7619

MODEX Q&A - Honeywell Intelligrated

MODEX Q&A with | Honeywell Intelligrated

Tell us about your company.

Honeywell Intelligrated is a leading single-source provider of intelligent automated material handling solutions that drive fulfillment productivity for retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers around the world. Through a broad portfolio of automation equipment, software, service and support, Honeywell Intelligrated solutions give businesses a competitive edge and optimize operational performance through increased flexibility, efficiency and accuracy.


Your company will be exhibiting at MODEX, what is it that makes this an important event for your company? 

Keeping pace with e-commerce expectations in the face of escalating labor costs, scarcities and challenges is placing constant pressure on distribution center (DC) operators. At Honeywell Intelligrated, we’re dedicated to helping our customers address these unrelenting concerns with forward-thinking innovations in workforce optimization, robotic integration and industrial internet of things (IIoT) connectivity in the distribution and fulfillment space.


What makes your booth a must visit for MODEX Attendees?

Stop by the Honeywell Intelligrated booth to learn more about the following robotic solutions:

Robotic unloader — See how we’re helping DC operators relieve the burden of labor-intensive trailer unloading with this live robotic unloader demonstration. Our state-of-art solution significantly reduces the manual effort required to run a receiving dock effectively.

Goods-to-robot (GTR) picking — Witness robotic order picking efficiency in motion with this vertical lift and GTR each picking station. A vertical reciprocating conveyor transports totes from lower to upper levels, where a SuperPick robot from Soft Robotics picks and places items into order containers.

Order picking workflow automation — Integrate AMRs from Fetch Robotics with pick-to-light stations and Honeywell Voice-directed put walls into an efficient workflow designed to reduce inefficient movement for critical put-away, picking and packing functions.

Robotic sorter induction — Automate the induction of packaged items onto a sorter with this fully integrated robotic solution that produces consistent output, takes up minimal floor space, and doesn’t require significant modifications to retrofit into existing induction stations.


MODEX has many educational sessions, forums & Demo’s, is your company involved in any of them this year?

We’ll be participating in an on-floor seminar, “Bridging the Labor Gap in your DC” where we’ll discuss how robotic solutions can augment your labor force using the latest advances in robotic technology. Stop by booth #7619 to see our robotic unloader and robotic sorter induction in action and attend our in-booth presentation, “Optimizing Robotic Solutions in the DC”. 

When you get a chance to walk the exhibit hall floor yourself, what is it you will be most interested to see?  Any educational sessions, pavilions etc. you plan on attending?  

MODEX offers an unparalleled review of products, services and suppliers within the supply chain industry, all in one location. Walking the show floor, you’ll see how different organizations are innovating in this space. There will be several educational sessions on robotics covering everything from autonomous mobile robots in the DC to determining which AS/RS is best for your operation. In addition, the show will feature several notable keynote speakers worth your attention.


The Supply Chain is undertaking rapid advancements, be it automation, mobile robotics, IIoT or Autonomous vehicles, give us an idea on how your company and product is being utilized now in the supply chain.

From system design, receiving, order picking and consolidation to shipping, lifecycle management and IIoT-enabled infrastructures, we’ll show you how to accelerate your transition to what we call your DC Next. You’ll find interactive product demos that highlight our focuses on smart robotics, future-proof scalability, real-time asset monitoring, resource retention strategies, labor productivity and end-to-end DC control.


Give us your thoughts on what the future holds for manufacturers and supply chain.

Our robotic solutions are undergoing a transformation to allow them to see better, think smarter, and act faster than ever before. To achieve this goal, we’re leveraging Honeywell’s platform to glean insightful metrics on performance and maintenance from our deployed solutions. This information conduit can be used to train/learn and re-deploy new modes of operation and enable different ways to approach unforeseen issues, allowing robots to adapt their methodology as the environment changes. 

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Honeywell Intelligrated

Honeywell Intelligrated

Honeywell Intelligrated designs, manufactures, integrates and installs complete material handling automation solutions, including conveyor, IntelliSort® sortation, Alvey® palletizers, Honeywell Robotics, automated storage and retrieval systems, and voice- and light-directed picking technologies - all managed by advanced machine controls and our best-in-class Momentum™ software (WES, WMS, LMS, eSIM, MC4, MCBL). By drawing on an ever-expanding portfolio and deep industry expertise, we provide best-fit, scalable solutions to help businesses optimize and manage their entire fulfillment processes, from receiving to shipping - and everything in between.

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