When your clients are working with you to integrate lightweight autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), they’re looking for the biggest bang for their buck.

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Conveyors for Small Loads & Applications
Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Conveyors for Small Loads & Applications

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When your clients are working with you to integrate lightweight autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), they’re looking for the biggest bang for their buck. 

Nimble solutions that overcome challenges are a top priority for your customer. That’s why we’ve built incredibly flexible AMR conveyor applications that are designed to use minimal battery power while  transferring small loads smoothly, straight to the destination.

Our customizable conveyors for Autonomous Mobile Robots are perfect for moving small loads of materials and product. With simple mounting, our conveyors are easily added to the AMR and can be programmed to work precisely for your integration. Whether your end users are moving small items like electronic components, or small completed products such as insulin pumps, we have a customizable, project-specific solution.


Why Does an AMR Need a Conveyor?

Your client is on board with the AMR revolution. They are using the devices to automate their factory or warehouse floor. So why do they need conveyors on their AMR’s?

AMR conveyors enhance the benefits of employing Autonomous Mobile Robots. The conveyor addition can perform some of the remaining manual labor, including transferring the product from vehicles to workstations and vice versa. This conveyor add-on to an AMR  is a cost-effective automation option with a high ROI. 

Replacing additional manual operations with automation using flexible, reliable and smooth-operating conveyors as part of the AMR they’re already adding is a simple way to reduce cost and enhance productivity.


Glide-Line Conveyors for AMRs are ​Highly Customizable

At Glide-Line, our foundation is built on flexible, innovative conveyor solutions. So when you’re looking for conveyors built to mount on an AGV or AMR to solve a unique challenge, we’re here for you. We offer a full suite of options and add-ons, even on our more compact solutions. Say your client requires open-center conveyor design for their AGV. We have you covered! Lift and rotate options built directly on their AMR? Covered. Multi-strand and multi-drive? Ditto. 

By offering accessories to complement the AMR solutions you’re providing your clients, you save important time and development costs while bringing innovative solutions to your clients’ processes.  Glide-Line offers many flexible options when you’re customizing Autonomous Mobile Robots using conveyors.


We Can Configure You The Right Solution

At Glide-Line, our AMR conveyor applications are highly configurable. This level of customization goes down to the millimeter. We can place conveyors on AMRs as short as seven inches long.

We can quickly configure a solution for you, with lead times half that of our competitors. And if you know exactly what you need, you can quickly configure it yourself using our IMPACT! configuration software. This makes Glide-Line a solid choice for AMR conveyor solutions.


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Glide-Line offers the most versatile multi-strand panel or pallet handling conveyor solution available for the assembly automation industry. The advanced configuration tools will enhance your design experience allowing you to configure the Glide-Line product exactly as you need. Our digital manufacturing process allows for your specific configuration to be built quickly and efficiently, allowing you to meet your project's tight deadlines. We ship in days not weeks.

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