By replacing manual CNC processes with the RB series cobots, the company has increased productivity by 40 to 50 percent. This has enabled the company to respond more effectively to client demands, which have increased two to three times since the recent semiconductor boom.

Utilizing Cobots to Manage Labor Shortages
Utilizing Cobots to Manage Labor Shortages

Q&A with Yourim Kim, Marketing Communications Manager | Rainbow Robotics


Tell us about yourself and your role with Rainbow Robotics.

Hi, my name is Yourim Kim and I hold the position of Marketing Communications Manager at Rainbow Robotics. My responsibilities include overseeing the creation and distribution of various promotional materials on behalf of the company, including press releases, exhibition marketing, and social media campaigns. This Q&A article is an example of my work.


Tell us about your RB Series Cobot and what differentiates it from other Cobots on the market.

Our RB series Cobots are equipped with cutting-edge 6-axis robotic arms, developed using our exclusive technology. We offer a wide range of options, including RB3-730, RB3-1200, RB5-850, RB10-1200, and RB16-900, to cater to diverse needs in different work environments. Additionally, all RB Cobots undergo rigorous testing and inspection by TÜV SÜD, a globally renowned certification body. As a result, they have earned CE and KCs certification and meet the following standards: ISO 13849-1, Cat.3, PL d, ISO 10218-1, ISO/TS 15066.

Our RB series is the perfect solution for those looking for affordable prices, easy programming, and versatile functions. At Rainbow Robotics, we take pride in our in-house developed parts, which make the RB series much more reasonably priced than our competitors.

By developing core components like actuators, encoders, brakes, and controllers in-house, we are able to provide the RB series at an affordable price without compromising on quality. Our Cobots have high driving speeds, precise controls, and exceptional braking performance without any play or instability in the braking system.

The RB series is equipped with a real-time robot operating system that simplifies programming. With our supervisory control algorithm, users can create complex programs with just a few clicks and respond flexibly to process changes. The single-line commands make it easy to create automated processes without needing to write many lines of code.

Our RB series also offers a wide range of built-in functions that are easily accessible by inputting a few settings values. It also has specialized functions for various applications, such as welding, screw driving, dispensing, and 3D vision, built in. Choose the RB series for affordable, easy-to-use, and versatile Cobots.


How are these Cobots being used in the Manufacturing industry?

The manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly competitive, with businesses striving to enhance their processes, cut costs, and boost profitability. To achieve these goals, the RB series Cobots have emerged as game-changing solutions for the industry.

The RB series cobots are being used in a variety of manufacturing processes, including CNC machining, welding, packaging, injection molding, assembly, picking and placing, and logistics. One notable example is South Korea's largest collaborative robot CNC processing automation line, which has integrated the RB series into its operations. By replacing manual CNC processes with the RB series cobots, the company has increased productivity by 40 to 50 percent. This has enabled the company to respond more effectively to client demands, which have increased two to three times since the recent semiconductor boom. This automation method has also improved production efficiency, reduced fatigue from repetitive tasks, and lowered the risk of industrial accidents. 


Why do you feel Cobots can do particularly well with welding jobs?

One of the RB series' best lineups for welding is the RB3-1200 model. It is highly competitive in the welding market due to its ability to support a light welder of 2 to 2.5 kg and its long reach of 1200mm. It also boasts various welding functions that surpass those of competing cobots. These functions are pre-built, eliminating the need for separate coding and making it easy for non-experts to operate.

The main welding functions of the RB3-1200 model include:

  • MIG/TIG welding functions
  • Digital welder functions
  • Touch Sensing
  • Arc Sensing
  • Weaving pattern function

One significant advantage of these functions is that they come at no charge with our RB series.

In addition, our Cobot provides the drive(software) of various welders as standard through plug-and-play function.


How about the Hospitality Industry, how can Cobots like the RB Series change this industry and the labor shortages?

In today's world, collaborative robots have become a valuable addition to the workforce, working alongside human employees to improve productivity. The pandemic has made it difficult to hire new workers in the hospitality industry, leading to an increase in the use of RB Series cobots across different sectors. These robots have transformed various industries, from creating personalized frames for glasses using 3D scanning to performing dental implant surgeries and making coffee.

Rainbow Robotics has recently introduced the RB-N series, the world's first NSF-certified collaborative robot, to the market. This certification guarantees that the RB-N series is safe and hygienic for use in the food and beverage industry. Without requiring any additional jackets or devices, the RB-N series can be used as stand-alone units. The series comprises three models: RB3-1200N, RB5-850N, and RB10-1300N. These robots are ideal for various food and beverage applications, including fryers using high-temperature oil and espresso machines using high-pressure steam.


You were recently at Automate 2023, what kind of response did you get from show visitors and what was your overall feeling about the success about the event?

Our company participated in Automate 2023 and had positive outcomes, including new sales networks (System Integrators). Our U.S. branch also participated, resulting in enhanced synergy. We anticipate recruiting local distributors faster than planned.


You are rapidly expanding globally especially within North America, how are you planning to do this?

Rainbow Robotics has established a branch company in Schaumburg, Illinois, and is currently in the process of organizing its cobot sales and customer management teams. The company has designed all its export products to meet international standards and is now ready to launch them after receiving US NRTL and CSA certifications from TÜV SÜD, a global certification body. We have met all the necessary certifications for the products we plan to export to North America, established a branch company as a strategic business location, and organized our teams accordingly.



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