PACK EXPO 2023 takes place September 11th - 13th in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Exhibit hall floor will be loaded with new products and services. Here is a preview of some things to look forward to at this years event.

PACK EXPO 2023 Product Preview
PACK EXPO 2023 Product Preview

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PACK EXPO 2023 Product Preview 

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Talking PACK Expo with Brenton Engineering

Talking PACK Expo with CIMON Automation

Talking PACK Expo with HP 3D Printing

Featured Products

Schmalz Technology Development - The Right Gripper for Every Task

PACK EXPO Booth #C-5211 & SU-8056

In order to interact with their environment and perform the tasks, lightweight robots, like all industrial robots, depend on tools - and in many cases these are vacuum grippers. These form the interface to the workpiece and are therefore a decisive part of the overall system. With their help, the robots can pick up, move, position, process, sort, stack and deposit a wide variety of goods and components. Vacuum gripping systems allow particularly gentle handling of workpieces, a compact and space-saving system design and gripping from above. Precisely because the object does not have to be gripped, the vacuum suction cupenables gapless positioning next to each other.







Robotic casepacking and palletizing for rigid containers

PACK EXPO Booth #C-3425

Quest Robotics will be showcasing a full, collaborative packaging line with fellow ProMach brands Serpa & Texwrap. This line features rigid containers getting packed into trays, overwrapped, and palletized – depicting packaging applications common in the nutraceutical and food industries. Trays will be packed by a Quest QP200-SA2 robotic casepacker, where a FANUC SCARA robot orientates the containers before they’re picked and placed into formed trays by an articulated robot. Filled trays are then overwrapped and sent to a Quest Box Bot QB320 space-saving robotic palletizer to be placed onto a pallet. All of Quest’s robotic systems come with their proprietary pattern building software, which allows for simple and fast product changeovers and easy operation. See all of this and more exciting robotic solutions in booth C-3425 at Pack Expo Las Vegas!

Experience Robotic Bulk Palletizing with Brenton at PACK EXPO 2023

PACK EXPO Booth #C-3822

Brenton’s redesigned MP1000 Robotic Bulk Palletizing / Depalletizing End of Arm Tool can pick up full layers of product at one time. A great time-saving solution for a variety of plastics- and glass-handling applications, the MP1000 provides consistent tight layer grids of palletized and depalletized product through cradle and place technology that combines a servo-operated rotary tool and slat system to gently handle full layers of product weighing up to 500 pounds with each motion. PACK EXPO attendees can experience the full capabilities of the MP1000 through an augmented reality model of the machine in booth C-3822.






The Power of CMES AI in Mixed Case SKU & "Rainbow" Palletizer

PACK EXPO Booth #N-9925

CMES Robotics' machine vision and AI solutions are designed to handle packages of varying sizes and shapes, from any pallets or conveyor, in a random arrangement.   This addresses critical challenges like skilled labor and worker injuries stemming from repetitive and manual tasks.

Visit CMES Robotics booth N-9925 to see how an AI vision solution can overcome the challenge of mixed SKU pallets, resulting in improved efficiency, scalability, accuracy, and safety in your warehouse. 

CIMON Xpanel Hybrid - The perfect PLC and HMI all-in-one solution

PACK EXPO Booth #SL-5880

Why Choose the Xpanel Hybrid?
● Versatility: Embedded DI/O, 2 Ethernet ports, 3 Serial Ports, and compatible expandability with
PLC-S modules.
● Compact: The Xpanel Hybrid is a powerful blend of a PLC and an HMI display, elegantly designed to fit restricted panel spaces. With its compact design and expandable I/O options, the Xpanel
Hybrid is the perfect automation solution for those looking to save panel space without having to compromise on performance and flexibility.
● Communication: The internal communication between the Xpanel and PLC-S is set by default. Externally, the Xpanel is equipped with native drivers that can interface with other field devices,
including Modbus RTU/TCP, and can act as a gateway for other devices in the application. The Xpanel Hybrid is a highly reliable HMI+PLC solution containing a high-speed CPU, easy module expansion, a high-quality LED display, 2 Ethernet ports, and a Max. Digital I/O of 94.












Piab at Pack Expo International 2022

PACK EXPO Booth #C-5406

At Pack Expo Las Vegas in Booth C-5406, Piab will be featuring vacuum automation products such as vacuum grippers that can be integrated with robotic arms to automate packaging processes.  A diverse line of suction cups that can handle almost any surface and shape of product.  Vacuum pumps that are designed for energy efficiency and reliable performance.

piCOBOT L vacuum gripper unit

With its lifting capability of up to 35 lb, the piCOBOT®L is particularly attractive for e-commerce, logistics and warehouse applications as well as for assisting with lifting of heavier items in production. It builds on the same technology platform as the original version, i.e., it consists of a vacuum pump unit and an optional gripper unit. The vacuum pump unit is scalable and can be equipped with a varying number of the newest powerful COAX® cartridge. Offering a significantly higher vacuum performance, it enables fast movement when lifting heavier items for high productivity in packaging and palletizing, part assembly or machine tending.

NORD IE5+ Motors: Highest Gearmotor Efficiency in a Compact Design

PACK EXPO Booth #SU-7863

NORD gear units, motors, and electronic control products focus on durability, adaptability, and high efficiency for a wide range of manufacturing applications with over 20,000,000 standard configuration options. Featuring IE5+ PMS motors that can work effectively at partial loads and low speeds thanks to their constant torque and high overload capacity. Their smooth surface and ventilated designs provide ultimate versatility and variant reduction. Combined with surface protection options, such as IP69k or NORD’s state-of-the-art nsd tupH Sealed Surface Conversion System, NORD drives are ready to take on the demands of extreme manufacturing environments.





Meet the New Generation of Direct Drive Motors

PACK EXPO Booth #SL-6983

Welcome to the next generation of robotics and machinery. LiveDrive LDD is a unique direct drive motor that overcomes almost every limitation of servo geared solutions. Achieve superior torque to length, torque to mass, and motor constant (Km) while being compatibility with top drives. 

The LDD is compact: 50% smaller than typical geared drivetrains. With performance accuracy and reliability you also get a lower the total cost of ownership with options for IP67, brake, bearings, connectors and encoders. Learn more about what sets Genesis motors apart. 

One Integrated Automation Solution—Factory Floor to Cloud

PACK EXPO Booth #N-10845

Unitronics has designed, manufactured, and marketed hardware and software for industrial automation since 1989, and offers an end-to-end Cloud solution.

The company's integrated solution combines PLC, HMI, Motion, and IIoT—a complete solution that ensures all components will work together perfectly, every time.

One Integrated Solution for Automation Control from Unitronics supports all your requirements and future-proofs your applications. This is the key to streamlining your workflow.

From controller to Cloud, you can gain business advantage by using one manufacturer to provide all 4 cornerstones of automation today: Hardware, Software, Service, Support, and IIoT.





The 3200 Series Conveyors with Intralox ARB Technology

PACK EXPO Booth #C-1455

Patented by Intralox, activated roller belt (ARB) technology keeps products and packages aligned while in motion without the use of rails, reducing the need for human interference or correction and thereby cutting equipment and labor costs.

Using an Intralox belt can be a wise, cost-effective decision in several industries and across various applications. An Intralox sorter with ARB technology, for example, may be especially productive in a facility that handles many packages. Similarly, an Intralox roller belt could be useful for applications that require high conveying speeds.

Reliable, easy-to-install linear motion feedback made in Idaho, USA

PACK EXPO Booth #SL-6008

The Model TR1 Tru-Trac™ linear measurement solution is a versatile option for tracking velocity, position, or distance over a wide variety of surfaces. An integrated encoder, measuring wheel, and spring-loaded torsion arm in one, compact unit, the Model TR1 is easy to install. The spring-loaded torsion arm offers adjustable torsion load, allowing the Model TR1 to be mounted in almost any orientation - even upside-down. The threaded shaft on the pivot axis is field reversible, providing mounting access from either side. With operating speeds up to 3000 feet per minute, a wide variety of configuration options - including multiple wheel material options - and a housing made from a durable, conductive composite material that minimizes static buildup, the Model TR1 Tru-Trac™ is the ideal solution for countless applications.





Oriental Motor USA - Ideal for AGV/AMR Applications

PACK EXPO Booth #SL-5927

The BLV Series R Type brushless DC motor (BLDC motor) speed control system offers the design of motor and driver significantly reduced in size and weight, yet high-power, and contributes to the battery driven automation. The BLV Series R Type is compatible with the two interfaces of Modbus (RTU) and CANopen communication.

Stäubli Robotics at PACK EXPO: Problem-Solving Robots for Process-Safe Packaging

PACK EXPO Booth #SL-6951

At PACK EXPO, Stäubli will demonstrate how its high-precision TX2-60 Stericlean robot automates medical device manufacturing processes. Paired with a flexible feeding platform from Stäubli partner Asyril, the robot will pick and place medical device components. The feeding module uses AI vision to locate acceptable parts and transmit their pick coordinates to the robot. Production is tracked by means of a monitor, allowing full traceability. Both safety and efficiency are assured.


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Featured Product

Piab’s Kenos KCS Gripper

Piab's Kenos KCS Gripper

Piab's Kenos KCS gripper enables a collaborative robot to handle just about anything at any time. Combining Piab's proprietary air-driven COAX vacuum technology with an easily replaceable technical foam that molds itself around any surface or shape, the gripper can be used to safely grip, lift and handle any object. Standard interface (ISO) adapters enable the whole unit to be attached to any cobot type on the market with a body made in a lightweight 3D printed material. Approved by Universal Robots as a UR+ end effector.