AMRs can pick up waste (scrap material, packaging, manufacturing by-products) from various points throughout the facility and automatically take it to the nearest waste disposal zone.

12 Ways Companies Are Automating Workflows With Mobile Robots

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One of the most appealing features of AMRs is their ability to complete various different tasks and navigate virtually any environment. They are flexible and adaptable – allowing for a wide variety of use cases in distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Here are some of the most common use cases for AMRs across a variety of industries.


Delivering Raw Materials

In manufacturing facilities, AMRs can move raw materials and components from the warehouse area to the desired location within the facility. They can be equipped with attachments allowing them to transport pallets, containers, shelves and more.


Work-In-Process Movement

Small, agile autonomous mobile robots are useful for moving packaging, materials, or partially-finished goods without getting in the way. This allows for consistent material flow in non-linear production jobs.


End of Line Handling

At the end of the line, AMRs can take finished goods from the factory floor to the next step in the process – whether that is QA, finished goods warehousing, or another location. They can automatically transport pallets from the palletizer to the stretch wrapper and to the shipping dock.


Transporting Waste Materials

AMRs can pick up waste (scrap material, packaging, manufacturing by-products) from various points throughout the facility and automatically take it to the nearest waste disposal zone.


Case Picking

AMRs can be employed to pick cases of a product in the desired quantity from a variety of storage mediums. This reduces the need for human labor in warehouses and distribution centers.


Transporting Picking Containers

AMRs can navigate narrow aisles to safely, autonomously transport picking containers and take them to the correct shipping lane.


Moving Packed Pallets

Heavy-duty robots can safely, securely move packed pallets from one point to the next. When equipped with lifting attachments, they can reduce the need for forklifts. This is particularly useful in areas where people are working and other equipment must be navigated, as forklifts are more likely to cause damage or injury.


Staging Loads for Shipping

AMRs have advanced sensing capabilities, allowing them to move with precision and stage loads for less-labor-intensive, more-efficient outbound logistics.


Delivering/Replenishing Empty Pallets

AMRs with pallet platforms are adept at delivering and replenishing empty pallets at the appropriate time so that pallets are always in the right place when they are needed.


Cross Docking or Dock-to-Aisle

With their sensing capabilities, maneuverability, and ability to work alongside people and other vehicles, AMRs can be used in shipping docks for cross-docking or dock-to-aisle material handling.


Long Haul Material Transport

AMRs can replace fork trucks or other vehicles as a safer method of long-haul transport in large facilities.


On-Demand Material Transport

While many of these use cases are autonomous and recurring, AMRs can also be used for custom, on-demand transport missions.


How Can Autonomous Mobile Robots Fit into Your Material Transport Workflow?

Milvus Robotics engineers are here to develop a solution that accomplishes your goals and facilitates safe, reliable, efficient material transport workflow. We offer a range of AMRs designed for different use cases and payloads, along with a variety of attachments so that you can customize your robots for pallet handling, lifting, delivering materials, moving shelves or containers, and more.


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Milvus Robotics

Milvus Robotics

Milvus Robotics designs and develops autonomous mobile robots that perfectly fits to your intralogistics needs. Our robots are designed to work independently alongside human workers, so we make sure that our autonomous units will give people the assistance they need without any disruption to their normal routine whilst maximizing уоur profit, maintaining production quality, reducing risk and taking your organization to the next level.

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