Here is a list of shows and other events taking place over the next few months. Please let us know if there is an upcoming event that's not on the list. Just send us an email containing details about the event including Name, Dates, Location, Contact Telephone, Email and URL if available.

Featured Unmanned and Other Topics Events

Jun 27 - 29 2022, San Jose, CA
Sep 06 - 08 2022, Las Vegas, NV
Feb 13 - 15 2023, Denver, CO

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Sensors Converge Will Cover the Biggest Design Engineering Trends. Meet the engineers impacting the world around us. Hear real stories and see the latest technology applications. Join the sensors and electronics community June 27-29 at the one in-person and virtual event covering the biggest design engineering trends. From sensors and chips to the cloud, Sensors Converge covers the technologies and applications driving innovation today.


This event defines and showcases the GLOBAL commercial UAV industry, with a special tie-in into the world of advanced air mobility. In 2021, after a 2 year pandemic related absence, it was held live again and registered 2,700+ attendees from 61 nations, with 2,000 actually making the trip to attend (both at 85% of the previous record totals). It was a triumph - measured against most other tech events which have not exceeded 30% of their previous live audiences. It draws the power buyers and global influencers and sets the pace for the industry, with innovative formats, cutting-edge content, and unmatched excitement on the expo floor. It is a must-attend event and will convene 3,500 delegates and exhibitors from 6 continents.


The 2022 AI for Defense Summit will provide a ‘town-hall’ style forum to discuss the advanced capabilities that AI and ML provide to warfighters to enhance their situational awareness, information advantage, combat force power, and overall capability at the strategic and tactical edge. As U.S. adversaries continually invest in AI and ML to counter U.S. influence and power, it is imperative the U.S. rapidly pursues and leverages the power of AI across a whole of government approach to improve business processes, deliver the warfighter’s information advantage, speed up data dissemination, aid in decision making, identify threats and targets, enhance the efficiency of logistics and so much more. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to hear from senior leadership, ask questions, and share their own insights and perspectives as to the role of AI and autonomous systems in our nation’s defense. Join us at this year’s event to discuss how to enhance AI initiatives across the DoD to enable the warfighter’s maximum advantage.


Requirements from DoD & Government demands for increased spending year over year. In 2021, $7.5 billion was budgeted for a variety of robotic platforms and related Air – Land – Water (UxV) technologies. Unmanned Aircraft Systems future spending estimates are $10.6 billion annually and projected to be $13 billion in 2030. Military R&D is projected to add another $65 billion over 10 years. Unmanned Ground (UGV), Underwater (UUV), & Surface Vehicles (USV), are continuing to increase in market size & spending year over year with an estimated market size of over $7 billion in the next 4 years for (UGV’s) and over $10 billion for (UUV’s) and $1 billion + growth in the USV market. Military Robotics is expected to reach well over $25 billion in market size in the next 5 years! Join ACI’s Unmanned Systems West as our esteemed faculty and representatives will address emerging opportunities, capabilities, requirements and technologies, as well as their applications for UxV, and what this continued development means for our military. Use Discount code D10-999-ROBOTICSTOMORROW when registering.


The UAS Summit & Expo started as a small gathering of regional stakeholders. Now, 16 years later, the event in the Northern Plains of North Dakota has become a yearly major event for UAS experts from around the world. It’s the original epicenter of drone research, earned its place as the Silicon Valley of Drones and as you’ll see from the commercial, government and military flight activity filling the sky of the Northern Plains and beyond every day, it has truly become America’s UAS proving grounds. True to its trailblazing roots, this year’s event will unite industry thought leaders, policymakers and high-impact end-users like never before. A newly formed advisory committee representing the most influential UAS entities from the Silicon Valley of Drones has reimagined everything. Working with UAS end-use clients from inside and outside the industry, the advisory committee has taken bold steps to expand the Summit and reveal—through new and unique content never tried before, end-user input and a special attendee list of decisionmakers, buyers and big-names—what your future in UAS will be.


Geo Week, February 13-15, 2023 in Denver, is the learning and networking nexus of the geospatial and built worlds. Professionals from a wide variety of industries and disciplines convene to advance digital technologies in these sectors. It combines 3 previous event brands and important collocated user meetings (ASPRS, USIBD, MAPPS and more to be announced). The 2022 event had 2,121 registrants, and hosted 1,889 actual delegates onsite, including international attendees from 48 nations. Geo Week 2023 will convene 3,000+ attendees from 6 continents.