National Robotics Week Looks to Host More Events, Robot Enthusiasts and STEM Educators than Ever Before

Help Promote the Importance of Technology Education this April

BEDFORD, Mass., Feb. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- With excitement around robotics at an all-time high, National Robotics Week, which will take place April 2-10, 2016, is calling for event submissions across the country.

After a successful 2015, with RoboWeek events held in all 50 states, founder and lead organizer iRobot is seeking even greater participation from robot enthusiasts, STEM educators and students alike. As such, National Robotics Week is encouraging groups, educators and organizations to help make this the most impactful year yet by planning and submitting information about upcoming events on the program's site.

To list an event, or to identify existing regional events, please visit:

Established by Congress and iRobot in 2010, National Robotics Week is a week-long series of events and activities aimed at increasing public awareness of the growing importance of robotics and the tremendous impact that it will have on the future.

Led by founder and lead organizer iRobot, along with support from a partner advisory council, the family-friendly week seeks to inspire involvement, educate participants and celebrate robotics and other Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math-related fields (STEM) through robotics events at schools, libraries and universities as well as contests, competitions and other learning focused activities.

"When you successfully link fun experiences to education, it makes a world of difference in getting kids interested in learning and understanding the fundamentals of science and math," said Anthony 'Mr. Roboto' Nunez, CEO, Infamous Robotics LLC. "Infamous Robotics LLC takes great pride in participating in National Robotics Week because we get to inspire children, raise awareness of the importance in investing in the robotics industry and show off the robotics talent we have in this country."

"iRobot is committed to building a future for STEM education in the United States," said Colin Angle, chairman and CEO of iRobot. "We have established a multi-faceted outreach program that offers students, parents and educators insight into robotics along with mentoring, career introduction and internships to encourage excitement around robotics. Year over year, we have seen a steady increase in the participation in National Robotics Week, which shows that people are recognizing the importance of STEM and the impact it will continue to have in their futures."

More information about iRobot's STEM efforts can be found at

For more information about National Robotics Week, go to: National Robotics Week is also on Twitter (@roboweek and #roboweek) and Facebook (

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