Numina Group & Waypoint Robotics Launch Innovative Autonomous Batch Cart Order Fulfillment Solution

Numina Group and Waypoint Robotics have teamed up to create a powerful autonomous batch cart automated order picking solution and will be demonstrating this at MODEX March 9-12. AMRs reduce operator walk time and fatigue.

Numina Group and Waypoint Robotics have teamed up to create a powerful autonomous batch cart automated order picking solution and will be demonstrating this at MODEX March 9-12 (Numina Group- booth 7006 & Waypoint Robotics- booth 9600).

Numina Group's Real-time Distribution Software, RDS™ Batch Bot Voice Picking application integrates with Waypoint Robotics' Vector™ Autonomous Mobile Robot, (AMR) to provide an innovative, highly efficient order picking solution. The RDS™ automation module uses pick by voice commands to direct operator zone movement and picking tasks while coordinating the Waypoint Vector™ AMR batch cart movement throughout the distribution center (DC). The AMRs, using the Kingpin technology, efficiently pick-up and move carts with heavy and/or large quantities of orders, allowing the operators to focus on the high value order picking duties. The Vector™ AMR Kingpin connects and drops carts quickly, resulting in higher hourly throughput per cart, and a more efficient pick, pack, and ship operation.

The solution simultaneously coordinates both the Waypoint AMR and order picking to eliminate wasted operator walk time and fatigue caused by manually pushing carts with up to 600 pounds of products throughout the DC. RDS™ directs the Vector™ AMR with Kingpin pick and drop technology, so the pick carts automatically move to each shelf or rack location. At pick completion RDS™ directs the AMR to transport the finished carts to packing workstations. Vector™ combined with the RDS™ Batch Bot solution provides higher order fulfillment efficiency, reducing labor costs by 40% or more compared to a manual cart picking process.

"Numina Group's RDS™ Warehouse Execution and Control Software Suite now includes a new Batch Bot Module to optimize, manage and track (AMR) activities, "explains Numina Group CEO Dan Hanrahan. "The new software module extends the capabilities of our RDS™ Pick by Voice picking application so both the workers and the autonomous batch cart movements are coordinated throughout pick and pack. The Batch Bot module includes order release and prioritization, cartonization pick to carton, put to light order consolidation, and labor and order tracking performance metrics reporting."

"Waypoint's Kingpin is the first of its kind dual-use module that enables Vector™ and MAV3K™ AMRs to automatically load and unload payloads as well as hitch and transport carts of all sizes," says Waypoint Robotics CEO, Jason Walker. "Now you don't have to dedicate a robot for one task or another, with Kingpin you can do both. This combined with Numina Groups RDS™ order fulfillment automation suite creates a powerful but easy to use solution to improve worker productivity and safety by reducing the heavy lifting"

About Waypoint Robotics:
Waypoint Robotics, located in Nashua, NH, develops and manufactures fully autonomous mobile robots that are easy to use, industrial strength, and designed to be setup and used by the workforce that is on the job today. Vector™ , MAV3K™ and supporting products can be put to work immediately, adding to workers' capabilities, increasing their efficiency, and strengthening their companies.

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About Numina Group:
Numina Group is a top tier designer and integrator of warehouse automation that integrates cutting edge warehouse automation technologies with RDS™, our top tier Warehouse Control and Execution System (WCS-WES). The Numina Group partners with clients to define, design, and implement material handling and order fulfillment automation focused on the right processes and technologies to optimize distribution operations.

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