OhmniLabs Delivering Advanced Telepresence Robotics for Healthcare

Healthcare Professionals and Patients Overcome Challenges of COVID-19 with Ohmni Robots

OhmniLabs, the global leader of human-centric telepresence robotics, today announced it is investing significant resources to provide their state of the art telepresence robots to healthcare organizations fighting to eradicate COVID-19 as demand for its products spike. The company is focused on delivering features and additional support for frontline workers who need to maintain the utmost safety protocols while still remaining closely connected to patients.

With an impressive list of customers that includes Focus Mental Health Solutions, Mount Sinai Hospital of New York, Phoenix Children's Hospital, Texas Children's Hospital, Colorado Children's Hospital, Cook Children's Medical Center and the Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, among others, OhmniLabs continues to experience increased demand from hospitals who are looking to implement OhmniLabs telepresence robots to help them address two big challenges they are facing: limiting healthcare staff exposure to COVID-19 and connecting isolated patients to their families.
Manufactured domestically within the United States, Ohmni Robot offers a robust, reliable mobile telepresence platform that enables healthcare professionals to operate safely and securely. Featuring a hands-free, lightweight design, Ohmni Robot allows clinicians to conserve personal protective equipment, limit exposure to the virus by reducing the frequency of in-room visits and provide a lifeline for families to connect with their hospitalized loved ones. In addition to improving facility safety, Ohmni Robot is also being used to improve patient monitoring, response times, and medical education as well as special needs and research assistance.

"With COVID-19 a lot of patients are in strict isolation and nurses require a full set of PPE just to conduct in-room visits," said Dr. Jonathan Wirjo, Medical Director & Managing Partner, Focus Mental Health Solutions. "The Ohmni Robot minimizes the work burden on existing staff, reduces our reliance on scarce resources, and allows us to greatly reduce the risk of patients and healthcare workers being exposed and becoming ill."

Telepresence robotics are a booming market, with analysts predicting global spending on robots to eclipse $150 billion by 2025. Companies and organizations across the world in industries such as education, retail, and real estate are already embracing telepresence robotics to scale their global workforces, support remote employees, and offer virtual services. However, the challenges imposed upon healthcare facilities during COVID-19 are driving demand for telehealth solutions among practitioners seeking to maintain safe, secure communication with patients while offering some of the benefits of physical presence.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the healthcare industry, overwhelming hospitals, straining medical resources and forcing healthcare professionals and patients alike to reduce physical interaction with other people," said OhmniLabs CEO Thuc Vu. "At OhmniLabs, we believe telepresence robots are the most ideal way for people to overcome issues attributed to geographic barriers, physical disabilities, and disease, and are committed more than ever to delivering telepresence robots that meet and exceed the requirements of healthcare professionals in these challenging times."

About OhmniLabs
OhmniLabs is developing human-centric robots that connect and support anyone, from anywhere in the world. Founded in 2015 in Santa Clara, CA, the company delivers the world's most indispensable human-centric robots, and makes them easily accessible for all. For more information on OhmniLabs visit https://ohmnilabs.com/ or find OhmniLabs on LinkedIn or Twitter @OhmniLabs.

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