MVTec expands product management for its HALCON machine vision software

MVTec Software GmbH is constantly adding new technologies and features to HALCON, its comprehensive standard machine vision software, making it possible for a growing number of industries to benefit from the many advantages of machine vision. To optimally meet the wide range of customer requirements and respond even more robustly to trends, Commercial Product Manager Susanne Kretzschmar is now intensifying HALCON’s strategic market development.

Munich, August 3, 2021 - MVTec Software GmbH ( is one of the world's leading providers of standard machine vision software. With its HALCON, MERLIC, and Deep Learning Tool products, the company offers the right application for almost any requirement. Thanks to ongoing optimizations and expansions, these products can be used in a growing number of applications, which also means an increase in the number of industries that are able to take advantage of machine vision. In order to provide optimal service to the ever-expanding machine vision market, MVTec has expanded its product management. Susanne Kretzschmar is now supporting the company as Commercial Product Manager for HALCON.

Many years of experience in product management for global companies
In this capacity, Kretzschmar is responsible for developing new licensing models and evaluating market trends in order to advance the global HALCON product strategy. Regarding her commitment and her goals for MVTec, Kretzschmar says, "I'm looking forward to my task of supporting MVTec in a promising sector like machine vision and contributing to the growth of the successful HALCON product."

Before coming to MVTec, Kretzschmar spent three and a half years heading up product management, marketing, and business development for a company in the chemical industry. Before that, she was engaged for several years in various functions in the marketing of international companies.

Further development of HALCON based on scientific research and current market requirements
MVTec's central strategy is to further develop its software products based on of scientific research and to tailor these products to current market demands as much as possible. To accomplish this, the company is relying on the scientific findings of its own research department at its headquarters in Munich. MVTec is also cooperating closely with customers and partners to develop and implement generic solutions from individual requirements as a way of guaranteeing that future product development will always conform to market requirements.

Machine vision systems have become so advanced that the number of industries using the technology is growing. The most recent example is the semiconductor industry. In order to meet the growing demand for semiconductors, production must be increasingly automated. This is where machine vision systems come in. In numerous process steps, they guarantee consistently high process reliability and quality in production, which in turn can significantly increase output. Thanks to its extra-high performance and speed, the standard machine vision software HALCON provides valuable support to the semiconductor industry. The software, which is designed as a toolbox, has many attractive features, including various language interfaces that can be used for accessing more than 2,100 powerful operators directly from many standard programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Python, and Visual Basic .NET.

About MVTec Software GmbH
MVTec is a leading manufacturer of standard software for machine vision. MVTec products are used in all demanding areas of imaging: semiconductor industry, surface inspection, automatic optical inspection systems, quality control, metrology, as well as medicine and surveillance. By providing modern technologies such as 3D vision, deep learning, and embedded vision, software by MVTec also enables new automation solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things aka Industry 4.0. With locations in Germany, the USA, and China, as well as an established network of international distributors, MVTec is represented in more than 35 countries worldwide.

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