THIRA ROBOTICS and the U.S. system integrator's collaboration will expand automation use cases to environments previously considered unfit for automation.

THIRA ROBOTICS—the AMR subsidiary of THiRA-UTECH—signed a MOU with U.S.-based solution engineering innovator and system integrator, DISHER. The agreement begins their joint effort to bring second-generation AMR to facilities with complex conditions that were previously considered unfit for automation. DISHER will travel to S. Korea from October 18-19 for a high-profile event sponsored by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and is invited to establish another MOU with the Korea Association of Robot Industry to facilitate more strategic industry collaboration between the two nations.

THIRA's second-generation AMRs navigate imperfect floors, indoor/outdoor areas, chaotic spaces, elevators, and slopes. "DISHER will implement our customized AMR solutions in U.S. factories, warehouses, and hospitals that did not have a viable AMR option until now," said CEO Peter Kim. The deal is a part of THIRA's ongoing U.S. ecosystem expansion.

"Continuing our long history of innovation, DISHER is committed to training our engineers and expanding advanced automation skills that are in very short supply in the U.S. Our collaboration with THIRA will help us adopt and implement advanced Korean automation technologies in the U.S., positioning DISHER ahead of the learning curve," stated Shawn O'Farrel, Area Lead - Manufacturing Technical Services and Automation at DISHER.

U.S.-S. Korean collaboration in manufacturing and automation is expanding beyond investments by S. Korean market giants. THIRA and other innovative companies are helping elevate U.S. manufacturing to global competitiveness through new technologies. The S. Korea event will take place at the KINTEX Exhibition Center.

Headquartered in S. Korea, THIRA ROBOTICS is an award-winning innovator of AMRs for unmet needs. THIRA's second-generation AMRs operate on damaged floors, slopes, narrow spaces, over spills, and take elevators in high-traffic environments. THIRA partners with global leaders including Doosan, HYUNDAI TRANSYS, and Mando.

DISHER is a Michigan-based complex product development and engineering design company. DISHER offers cross-functional staffing and consulting services for companies in the U.S. and globally with a focus on engineering, advanced product development, electronics, manufacturing tech, automation, and talent solutions. The team at DISHER is made up of innovative problem solvers who generate custom solutions for clients.

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