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RoboticsTomorrow Newsletter - May 7/14

Bionic Kangaroo

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RoboticsTomorrow Newsletter - May 7/14
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Bionic Kangaroo
04/30/14, Contributed by, Festo
With the artificial kangaroo, Festo also shows how pneumatic and electric drive technology are combined in a highly dynamic system.

What is Rapid Prototyping?
04/30/14, Len Calderone for, RoboticsTomorrow
Whether a robot is needed to prototype a part or a robot is the object being prototyped, Rapid Prototyping is the future.

Design With Touchless Rotary Sensors
04/30/14, Contributed By, Novotechnik U.S., Inc.
Touchless rotary sensors are position sensors that use a position marker attached to an application’s rotating part plus a sensor to measure the marker’s angle.

Why I Automate: Engineered Machined Products, Inc.
04/30/14, Contributed by, Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Like any small company introducing change into their operations, some employees feared that automation may take their jobs. But at EMP, the opposite was true. “We’ve seen jobs grow, and that’s very important; not only for this community, but for the State of Michigan,”

Festo's FAST Program
04/30/14, Frank Langro, Festo
The FAST™ Program is a group of close to 2,000 products that can be utilized in many automation applications that we guarantee to ship within 1, 3, or 5 days, depending on the configuration.

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Thumbles: Robotic Tabletop User Interface Platform

From Pattenstudio:

Thumbles is an interactive tabletop system based on a group of tiny robots that users can grasp and manipulate. Each robot can represent anything from character in a video game to a molecule in a scientific visualization. The system combines the versatility of a graphical interface with the tactile advantages of physical controls.

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Robotmaster Version 5 provides innovative new tools to effortlessly program and optimize robot tasks producing error-free robot paths. Expanding on powerful optimizing tools Robotmaster Version 5 has set a new standard for programming robots with the same ease and functionality as CNC machines.

Learn More About Robotmaster (Jabez Technologies Inc.)

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 SCHUNK designs and manufactures an unmatched selection of gripping systems including grippers, rotary modules, linear modules, robotic components, sensors and accessories. SCHUNK lives its mission that "with a pioneering spirit and perfection, we are setting worldwide standards". As a brand ambassador of the SCHUNK team, the No. 1 goalkeeper communicates our global competence leadership for clamping technology and gripping systems. The top performance of SCHUNK and Jens Lehmann are characterized by dynamics, precision, and reliability.

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