Q&A with Cortona3D

Can you tell me about Cortona3D and its area of expertise?

Cortona3D is a well-established provider of technical documentation software. The flagship product of Cortona3D is RapidAuthor, an advanced authoring suite that enables companies to create professional and high-quality technical documentation with ease. With RapidAuthor, companies can create interactive 3D and 2D parts catalogs, work instructions, product maintenance materials, and training courses according to different industry standards. It offers a streamlined authoring workflow and eliminates the need to switch to other software, making it an efficient and effective solution for companies looking to improve their technical documentation process.

In 2011, Cortona3D became a technological partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software Inc., further solidifying its position as a trusted provider of technical documentation solutions.


What sets Cortona3D apart from other companies in the industry?

Cortona3D stands out in the industry with its focus on providing effective solutions for transforming engineering data into highly interactive 3D and 2D technical documentation, based on industry standards such as DITA, S1000D, and ATA. This makes their solutions suitable for a wide range of industries, from aerospace to consumer electronics. Another key factor that sets Cortona3D apart is its ability to update technical documentation following the changes in the engineering data, making the authoring process an integral part of the product lifecycle. RapidAuthor comes with wizards to automate the major portions of the authoring process, and the company's modular approach allows customers to purchase only the specific components they need, and the ability to grow in the future.


How can companies experience Cortona3D's RapidAuthor software?

Companies can experience Cortona3D's RapidAuthor software by requesting a free evaluation version for a month, which provides full access to the functionality. During the evaluation period, authors can create technical documentation using real engineering data and check whether it meets their specific technical documentation needs. Companies can also visit the Cortona3D website and request an interactive demonstration of the software. Cortona3D and its resellers provide the companies with the necessary assistance and technical support during the evaluation period. A set of free introductory training materials for self-study is also available.



What benefits do customers receive from using Cortona3D's products and services?

Cortona3D offers product training, consultancy, customization, and ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that its customers can fully utilize the capabilities of the RapidAuthor software. With a network of resellers and a partnership with Siemens DISW, customers receive additional resources and support to integrate RapidAuthor into their existing software environment. These benefits allow customers to streamline their technical documentation processes, reducing time and costs and improving the quality of their end product. This improved quality is due to accurate, interactive, and user-friendly technical documentation. This enhances the end-users overall experience and improves customer satisfaction, as they can understand complex procedures with ease, quickly locate and order the necessary parts without any errors, and access documentation from any browser or mobile device.


How does Cortona3D stay up-to-date on industry developments and trends?

Cortona3D stays ahead of industry developments and trends by shipping two releases of the software per year, which allows it to continuously improve its work and address the needs of its customers. The company regularly gathers feedback from users and implements the most in-demand features, helping keep its solutions relevant and in line with industry trends. This proactive approach to software development and client engagement helps ensure that Cortona3D remains a leader in the technical documentation industry. The company also regularly participates in industry events, workshops, and conferences to stay abreast of the latest advancements and best practices.


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