Tips for choosing a 3D vision system - The future of vision systems in manufacturing

Advanced 3D vision systems are a stark contrast to the vision software of manufacturing's past. Many existing systems still require professional CAD programming to ensure the robot can recognise shapes.

Hai Robotics Deploys Goods-to-Person Solution in L'Or©al China's First SMART Fulfillment Center

With an area of 46,000 square meters, this fulfillment center houses Hai's essential goods-to-person solution, HaiPick System 1, including 39 HaiPick A42 Multi-Layer Autonomous Case-handling Mobile Robots (ACR), as well as HaiPort and conveyor picking workstations.

The Interplay Between Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

AI and robotics make the factories of the future smarter and more efficient. Manufacturers need to use these exponential technologies to gain a competitive advantage.

Special Agents: Chemical Weapons Disposal Done Right

The M55 rocket stockpile was successfully destroyed without any major incidents. With so many complex systems, processes, and disposal procedures, the Robosuits played a key role in ensuring that all of the careful planning and timing would not be disrupted.

Comau Introduces MI.RA/OnePicker, A New And Fully Automated Intelligent Piece Picking Solution

-The easy-to-use, AI-backed and collaborative solution reduces upstream process times, saving time, energy and resources for warehouse, e-commerce and other diversified applications while increasing overall productivity and cost efficiency -Vision-based piece picking autonomously grasps randomly placed heterogeneous objects -Can be installed on even the smallest collaborative robots without limiting its reachability inside the bins

Comau Presents Its New S-Family of Small, Fast and Element-Resistant "Hollow Wrist" Industrial Robots

S-Family robots have been tested and certified for energy efficiency in accordance with Fraunhofer procedures and are available in two different payload configurations (13 and 18 kg) with a 1700 mm reach and a repeatability of ±0,03mm.

FANUC's New CRX-10iA/L Paint: World's First Global Ex-Proof Collaborative Paint Robot

FANUC America showcases the first global explosion-proof paint cobot designed for industrial painting, coating, powder and fiberglass reinforced plastic applications.

Agility Robotics and Zion Solutions Group Shape the Future of Supply Chain with Industry-First Partnership

Zion is the first systems integrator to offer a humanoid robotics solution for connecting isolated islands of automation in warehouse operations

Plus One Robotics Introduces InductOne: A Dual-Arm Automated Parcel Induction Solution to Maximize Throughput

The new solution provides world-leading throughput in the space of a single induct lane, delivering a more favorable total cost of ownership for customers.

Rainbow Robotics participates in ICRA 2024 in Yokohama, Japan: Bimanual Mobile Manipulator 'RB-Y1' debuts overseas

-Participating in the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2024) from the 13th to the 16th -AI expert research platform, Bimanual Mobile Manipulator RB-Y1 pre-order begins

The rise of modular robots and the importance of drive train design

As part of an in-house robot build, optimizing the drive train that powers and controls each joint is vital to the robot's performance. The most effective way of achieving this is by developing the drive train as a complete module.

Basler Presents a New, Programmable CXP-12 Frame Grabber

Basler's boost cameras, trigger boards, and cables combined with the card form a complete, compatible CXP-12 vision portfolio for the setup of individually optimized high-performance image processing systems and a fast time-to-market.


-Comau will demonstrate its seamless integration with the Unified Robot Control (URC) Solution from Rockwell Automation as part of an innovative handling and palletizing application -Comau underscores its long-term collaboration with Intrinsic to make the next generation of robotics more accessible to all

Doosan Robotics Unveils Max-Powered 'PRIME-SERIES' of Collaborative Robots at Automate 2024

The New P-SERIES Unleashes Efficiency with a 30 Kilogram Payload and the Longest Reach of Any Cobot to Date

NVIDIA and Alphabet's Intrinsic Put Next-Gen Robotics Within Grasp

Intrinsic, a software and AI robotics company at Alphabet, has integrated NVIDIA AI and Isaac platform technologies to advance the complex field of autonomous robotic manipulation.

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REIKU's Cable Saverâ„¢ - The Most Versatile Modular Robotic Cable Management Solution

REIKU's Cable Saverâ„¢ - The Most Versatile Modular Robotic Cable Management Solution

REIKU's Cable Saverâ„¢ Solution eliminates downtime, loss of revenue, expensive cable and hose replacement costs, maintenance labor costs. It's available in three sizes 36, 52 and 70 mm. All of the robots cables and hoses are protected when routed through the Cable Saverâ„¢ corrugated tubing.The Cable Saverâ„¢ uses a spring retraction system housed inside the Energy Tubeâ„¢ to keep this service loop out of harms way in safe location at the rear of the Robot when not required. The Cable Saverâ„¢ is a COMPLETE solution for any make or model of robot. It installs quickly-on either side of the robot and has been tested to resist over 15 million repetitive cycles. REIKU is committed to providing the most modular, effective options for ensuring your robotic components operate without downtime due to cable management.