IDS launches new camera family

Particularly affordable, particularly compact and particularly powerful when the essentials matter: the new uEye XLE camera family from IDS has been specially developed for high-volume and price-sensitive projects.

Rapid Robotics launches 'ready-to-work' robotic machine operator

The Rapid Machine Operator is a revolutionary industrial cobot that can operate machines performing simple tasks like injection molding, pad printing, heat stamping and pick-and-place "out-of-the-box"-meaning it requires no systems integration, no programming and no robotics expertise. At only $25,000 per year, Rapid Machine Operators cost 75% less than human operators and 90% less than other robotic solutions.

FANUC Named Top Workplace In 2020

FANUC America was named a top work place in Michigan by the Detroit Free Press for the ninth consecutive year. The Chicago Tribune named FANUC's Hoffman Estates, IL office a top work place for the third consecutive year.

OnRobot Expo Gathers Manufacturers, Automation Experts and Industry Thought Leaders at Global Event on Collaborative Automation

Registration is now open for the highly-anticipated 'OnRobot Expo' featuring live demos and interactive keynote insights on collaborative applications. The online event will go live December 2-3 with events rolling through Europe, Americas, and Asia Pacific time zones

Rapid Robotics launches 'ready-to-work' robotic machine operator

New Rapid Machine Operator can be up and running in hours, no systems integration required

Rapid Robotics announces $5.5M seed funding to spark reshoring revolution

Pretrained 'robot machine operators' close the automation gap for US manufacturers

StoneFly Inc. Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now gain access to StoneFly cloud storage to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and agility of Azure to drive application development and shape business strategies.

ABB's Compact Interior Paint solution saves space, reducing paint booth costs and environmental impact

The Compact Interior Painting station enables automotive manufacturers to reduce the size of their vehicle interior painting stations by one-third, while saving costs and making automotive paint facilities more sustainable

Next-Generation Industrial Robotic Capabilities Advanced by Artificial Intelligence

As barriers between human activities and robotic capabilities diminish - moving beyond the fenced activities of last-generation industrial robots - new collaboration and workflow models are bringing humans and robots together in industry.

Winner of the "VISION Start-up of 2020" has been chosen

HD Vision Systems is the VISION Start-up of 2020 // Viewers convinced by the topic of "Light field and Deep Learning-based Machine Vision"

UltraFlex preheating stainless steel cylinder using induction heating, achieving huge efficiencies compared to oven heating

A demonstration set up by UltraFlex for a company manufacturing water jet cutting equipment proved the huge efficiency of induction preheating compared to traditional, oven-based preheating.

ARxIUM Completes Expansion of UNC Health Pharmacy Operations

Installation of systemwide inventory management application provides tracking of COVID-19 medications

OnRobot Launches Low Cost, Easy-to-Use 2FG7 Gripper for Demanding Applications

OnRobot's cleanroom-ready, IP67-certified, collaborative 2FG7 parallel gripper is the latest addition to OnRobot's range of no-fuss, all-electric gripper products

New IDS development site in Serbia

Since July 2020, IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH has been represented in Serbia with its own subsidiary. Based in Novi Sad, Serbia's second largest city and considered the country's technological center, the pure development unit is closely linked to the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the local university. The leading manufacturer of digital industrial cameras is thus intensifying its cooperation with science and research - especially in the field of artificial intelligence.

Global Online Premiere for Behind-the-Scenes Robotics Documentary, "Brains, Cranes and Other Ordeals"

Exclusive Feature-Length Film From University Of Leeds' Real Robotics Lab To Debut on YouTube at 7pm, November 24th 2020

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Industrial Robotics - Featured Product

Arcos - Robotized system for cutting and grinding turbine blades

Arcos - Robotized system for cutting and grinding turbine blades

Robotized system for automatic cutting and grinding turbine blades , starting from the rough product. The system is equipped with fully automatic component loading and unloading.