The Future of Rail Flaw Detection: Better, Faster, Smarter

Dual-track Type Ultrasonic Internal Rail Flaw Detector independently developed by Shenhao Technology has been proven effective at finding on the order of 100% of the internal defects in rail before something catastrophic happens. This NDT equipment allows for continuous inspection of railway track at up to 15km/h (running speed 20km/h).

Universal Robots Delivers Robust Growth in Q2

Strong growth in global welding demand and increased revenue from Original Equipment Manufacturer [OEM] channels contributed to Universal Robots' Q2 growth results.

Omron Automation Americas announces FY21 "Distributor of the Year"

Omron announces the winner of the Distributor of the Year award for fiscal year 2021. This prestigious distinction recognizes Omron's top distributor for excellence in revenue growth, local engagement, expertise, and solution selling.

ABB launches five axis Delta robot fastest for lightweight product picking, packing & reorientation

• New FlexPicker® IRB 365 picking robot fastest-in-class for picking and packing applications up to 1.5kg • Flexibility to be used in a range of applications, from shelf ready packaging to parcel sorting and bottle handling • Commissioning time reduced from days to hours with ABB PickMaster® Twin software

Datanomix and Flexxbotics Partner to Automate Production Monitoring for Universal Robots

Precision manufacturers can now monitor Universal Robots workspaces in real time and over time to maximize ROI and realize continuous improvement

The Benefits of Robotics: Which Industries Are Reaping the Rewards?

The 2021 World Robot Report shows that the global number of robots per 10,000 employees has risen from 66 to 126 between 2015-2020. So which sectors are reaping the rewards?

How to implement SSD only correspond uniquely to the Industrial Robot

Considering the strict data security, Renice's customers ask the SSD to correspond uniquely to the Host. That is to say, the SSD only can be used in the specified host. Once it is connected to another host PC, the data destruction is triggered automatically. Meanwhile, the specified host must be able to use the non-customized SSD from any other company.

How to Deploy Efficient Pick And Place Robotic Arm

A precise pick and place robotic arm enables an efficient performance due to accuracy and speed of operations. Collaborative robots or cobots ensure fast, stable, and safe deployment of manufacturing tasks. Most of them are highly repetitive, e.g., pick and place. Hence, delegating this task to cobots will be more efficient and cost-effective.

Konecranes puts the battery in big container handling machines

Konecranes is applying the global "battery megatrend" to large container handling equipment with new equipment offerings in Battery RTG, Battery Straddle Carrier, and all-electric Mobile Harbor Cranes. • The Battery RTG is the world's first of its kind and the most eco-efficient RTG in history, with zero local CO2 and virtually zero local noise emissions • The new technology has been showcased at Ahoy Rotterdam's TOC Europe trade show for port and cargo supply chain professionals

AGV and AMR Technology: Solving Your Internal Logistics Challenges

AGV's and AMR's address a number of key manufacturing process and facility-related concerns as well as key cost-related metrics in the migration towards continuous improvement philosophies such as lean manufacturing and six sigma.

Role of Robotics in Digital Manufacturing!

Global digital manufacturing market size will reach $ 709.2 billion by 2031, growing by 13.9% annually over 2021-2031, driven by the emerging trend of digitalization

HEIDENHAIN's Linear Feedback Optimized for Machine Tools

Meet the latest generation of LCxx6 encoders

The Innovation Behind the Fifth Industrial Revolution

To summarize the press release, we are stating that the implementation of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, and mixed reality is the first step towards the fifth industrial revolution.

The Next Big Thing in Manufacturing: XaaS to Boost Productivity and Revenue

The traditional portfolio mix of heavy hardware-orientation with associated software is transitioning to application and non-control software. The move to solutions combining hardware, software, and services is real.

ABB wins Red Dot award for FlexPacker industrial Delta robot

• FlexPacker's compact design quality, innovation and concept of focused productivity lands prestigious award • The first industrial Delta robot to win the Red Dot award

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TM Robotics - THE600 SCARA robot

TM Robotics - THE600 SCARA robot

Designed for assembly and inspection applications in the electronics equipment and automobile components industries, the THE600 SCARA is a powerful automation tool. Advancing from the specifications of the existing THE400 SCARA, the THE600 has been developed to meet growing demand for fast-cycle automation. The THE600 model includes improvements in synchronised control and tracking precision. The THE600 is compact in design and offers improved high speed, with 60 per cent higher payload capacity than competing SCARA models in the same price range, making it the price-to-performance leader. Affordable price, impressive performance.