They had the perfect motor and the planetary gearmotor, but finding the right angle gearbox, positioned between the two, designed to their specifications was the challenge.

Midwest Motion Case Study: Torque Transmission
Midwest Motion Case Study: Torque Transmission

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Midwest Motion Products knows their market has a need for right angle planetary gearmotor assemblies. They had the perfect motor and the planetary gearmotor, but finding the right angle gearbox, positioned between the two, designed to their specifications was the challenge.

Marcus Cordes, Operations Manager at Midwest Motion Products said “We searched for a right angle gearbox supplier for a number of years really… We tried a few different companies and eventually came across them [Torque Transmission] online and they expressed a great deal of interest in working with us.” He went on to add “We had a concept in mind and we had over the years tweaked it until it was something that we thought would work well and we got that into the hands of their capable engineering staff who took the necessary design and engineering steps to make it a working product.”

Torque Transmission sent working prototypes of their concept to try and the custom gearbox was successfully tested with Midwest Motion Products’ gearmotor design. Cordes continued “We have been very happy with the quality of the final product. We don't have hundreds of them out there in the field just yet but from what we've heard there's been nothing but positive remarks from our customers.”

Torque Transmission was able to respond to their custom design needs quickly, at the right price, and high level of quality. Midwest Motion Products could then make their vision a reality. Cordes went on to say “It's very easy working with their engineering staff. They seem to have a very good understanding of what they're doing and ask the right questions. Like I said, the timeliness was definitely a positive experience for us. They're also, I think, in the right ballpark for right angle gearbox pricing. I also think they sell a quality part so it's not necessarily going to be cheap but it's the right price. I think they're a good fit for us there.”


Right Angle Gear Box

Designed for a wide variety of power transmission and motion control applications where right angle motion is needed, our right angle gearboxes are low cost and durable.

Utilizing a strong, glass-reinforced, injection molded nylon housing, our right angle gear box options also make use of a standard carbon steel shaft for long-life and durability.



About Midwest Motion Products
Midwest Motion Products designs, manufactures, and distributes standard and custom motion control equipment, including fully reversible brushed and brushless DC gearmotors, motors with failsafe brakes and servomotors with feedback devices such as analog tachometers and encoders.


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