The Boxed Bot is extremely flexible, allowing an operator to design and produce exact pallet patterns quickly and easily from bags to boxes and other product types, and does so with a small footprint starting at just 8’x10’.

Boxed Bot QBox Software from Quest
Boxed Bot QBox Software from Quest

Q&A with Ryan Womble, Director of Sales | Quest

What is the Boxed Bot?

The Boxed Bot from Quest is a space-saving palletizer that is available as a modular or skid-based solution. The Boxed Bot features a long-reach Fanuc M-710IC Series robot that provides higher stack patterns, which better maximize tractor-trailer loading for more efficient shipping. The Boxed Bot is extremely flexible, allowing an operator to design and produce exact pallet patterns quickly and easily from bags to boxes and other product types, and does so with a small footprint starting at just 8’x10’.


How do operators program the Boxed Bot?

Creating patterns is accomplished though the QBox custom pallet building software, the most technologically-intuitive operator interface available on the market. The QBox software is pre-programmed into the PLC and robot by Quest using our proprietary HMI interface, unlike other options that require MS Windows-based software. Users can modify box dimensions, drag-and-drop cases to form desired pack patterns, or let OBox automatically calculate the most efficient pattern structure to optimize product density on the pallet. The ability to build your own patterns saves time and money by eliminating the need to have a service programmer onsite to perform the task. 


Why was the Boxed Bot developed?

Our core competencies land in primary and secondary packaging, so the migration to end of line packaging was natural. The Boxed Bot was developed through our close relationship with the dairy industry. In this industry, like many, floor space is of the essence so the smaller the solution the better. Our first Boxed Bot had a 5-foot by 7-foot footprint. Our skid-based solution was created through our relationship with the produce industry; equipment needs to be able to follow produce from season to season. Finally, we designed the Boxed Bot for easy installation; the machine can be set up and operational in just a few hours. 


What are the ideal applications for the Boxed Bot?

While the Boxed Bot is designed to work in many industries and applications, it performs particularly well where line speeds average up to 40 units per minute on applications involving repeated changeovers. The Boxed Bot uses a Venturi-style vacuum gripper to lift regular slotted cartons (RSC); half slotted containers (HSC); bags; blocks; pails and dunnage each weighing up to 60 pounds. 


How do the Boxed Bot and the QBox custom-pallet building HMI-based software integrate together?

The QBox software is very intuitive to use. The platform is user-friendly; one touch to pull a recipe menu; one touch to pick the recipe; one keystroke to activate with drop-and-drag technology to create a new pack pattern or manipulate a pallet pattern. Several standard pallet patterns are pre-loaded so operators can call them up and pick the pack pattern that works best for their particular size product. The Boxed Bot and the QBox custom-pallet building HMI-based software takes robotic palletizing and simplifies the process. 




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Ryan Womble is the Director of Sales at Quest. He can be reached at 608-667-1416;;

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Quest Industrial LLC

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