Miso Robotics' Flippy ROAR Hits Global Commercial Availability to Spur Regrowth Amid Pandemic

New Flippy ROAR comes equipped with zero-footprint design and advanced cooking capabilities including the Impossible Burger and financing options


Company releases its newest motor module: the Vertiq 6806

SqwaQ Wins AUVSI Xcellence Award for BVLOS Drone Communications Solution

The SqwaQbox is the ONLY carrier approved, multi-redundant communication link enabling unlimited range BVLOS flight of unmanned aircraft. SqwaQ provisions customized data services for ground and airborne logistics robots, autonomous vehicles, telemedicine, energy and other applications on over 600 cellular networks in 130 countries.

Jobs in Robotics & How to Get Them

As robotics continues to grow, new applications are being introduced that are making it more lucrative to enter the industry. The possibilities for increasing accessibility make developing skills in voice-activation and human interfacing especially important.

hIOTron Presents a Guide on Five Key Considerations for Large Scale IoT Deployments

Nowadays, IoT Deployments get surprisingly more attention typically for large-scale enterprise applications. To help companies with IoT project deployment, hIOTron has enlisted key factors to consider for large-scale IoT Deployments.

Schnuck Markets Deploys Tally Robot to More Than Half of Stores

Simbe's innovative retail technology provides comprehensive inventory insights and analysis

Remke Industries Partners with TraceParts for Digital Customer Experience & HubSpot Integrated Sales Lead Machine

Learn why Remke Industries chose TraceParts' 3D catalog solution for its digital customer experience, sales lead deliverables, and CRM integration, in this interview with Jim Lillig, Digital Marketing Director.

Clearpath Robotics Announces Grant Program to Help Advance Innovative Robotics Research

Grant funding includes Husky UGV and Dingo mobile robotic platforms, and robot accessories for qualifying academic and corporate researchers

Sarcos Robotics Named a Finalist for Guardian XO Full-Body Industrial Exoskeleton in Fast Company's 2020 Innovation by Design Awards

Guardian XO full-body, battery-powered wearable robot selected as Finalist in Products category and for Honorable Mention in General Excellence category

Integrated Wheel Drives Lower Cost of Mobile Robot Ownership

The lifetime cost of ownership of a mobile robot is largely influenced by the design of its drivetrain. If the OEM uses well designed and proven components, the mobile robot will provide many years of service with minimal downtime for maintenance.

LMAD operates last-mile autonomous delivery robot at Aalto Campus in Finland

Last month, the LMAD startup successfully operated its last mile autonomous delivery platform at the Aalto University Campus, near Helsinki, Finland. The local K-Market grocery store offered its customers the option of ordering their groceries online and having them delivered by LMAD's autonomous delivery robot.

Bear Robotics and SoftBank Robotics Group Announce New Food Service Robot

New product named Servi set to be the food service delivery robot leader

Service Robotics Market Size Worth USD 54.4 Billion By 2026

There has been an increase in the demand of service robotics solutions across the world owing to greater need for automation of services. With the increasing use of cobots in service applications, the overall demand for robotics has increased drastically over the years.

hIOTron Introduces IoT Enabled Bus Seat Occupancy Detection System

hIOTron developed a seat occupancy detection system that detects how many seats are occupied throughout the entire traveling along with their location.

5 Robotics Startups Worth Your Attention in 2020-2021

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've seen many industries go down due to different reasons. However, some industries were able to get past these hurdles and find in the current pandemic the source for their growth. Robotics is one of these industries.

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IDS NXT is the future: One platform, countless possibilities

IDS NXT is the future: One platform, countless possibilities

IDS NXT: a platform for a new generation of vision systems for industrial applications. It lays the groundwork to provide easy-to-use yet flexible complete systems that can be used to implement all steps of a vision solution. With IDS NXT ocean, a complete solution especially for AI-based image processing is now available. It allows to solve tasks where classic, rule-based image processing has reached its limits - without any programming effort.