Tanvas Releases Desktop Development Kit for Production-Ready Surface Haptic Creation

The full solution includes software, tools and training to help developers add a new level of multi-touch interaction to displays, trackpads and physical surfaces

Energy Drone & Robotics Summit to Debut DRONERESPONDERS Emergency Management and Disaster Forum for UAS

AIRT partners with Energy Drone & Robotics Coalition to strengthen ties between energy firms and public safety agencies using Drones For Good

Khronos to Develop 'ANARI' Analytic Rendering Interface API Standard

Exploratory Group becomes full Working Group to develop standard for data visualization; Open call for industry participation

Ocean Aero to Deliver a Fleet of Intelligent Autonomous Marine Vehicles for DHS S&T Program

Multi-million-dollar agreement gives Ocean Aero strategic role in DHS push into unmanned maritime systems

Autonomous Drones at Modex 2020 for Inventory Scans

The FlytWare aerial inventory solution featuring fully autonomous drones will be showcased, live, at MODEX 2020. Visitors can stop by Booth # 1409 to learn first-hand how 3PL and air cargo facilities have started deploying inventory drones in their DCs and warehouses, powered by intelligent automation software from FlytBase, Inc.

Lights Out Robot Painting

Robots are revolutionizing the visual arts by providing artists with new creative techniques, says Albert Nubiola, CEO of RoboDK, as an exhibition of robot-made paintings opens in the prestigious Ben Brown Fine Arts gallery, London.

UCLA Engineers Develop Miniaturized "Warehouse Robots" for Biotechnology Applications

The robots-on-a-chip system could lead to faster, automated blood diagnostics for disease screening

Join WearRA, ASTM and ASU for Robotics Week

Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Wearable Robotics Association. "These events bring together wearable robotics professionals and entrepreneurs from industry, medical/rehab, academia, and government all in one place."

Datakit: A new library for FBX format

The French data transfer specialist in CAD systems adds a writer for FBX format files to their current offer. It's a fast and compact format used mainly in the animation world and is read natively on Windows 10.

QEI, LLC Announces Availability of The ePAQ9410/20/25 Multifunction Gateway

Collect, control and predict your data with ease

Velodyne Lidar Announces Sales Agreement With Idriverplus

Idriverplus Moving to Mass Production of Its Autonomous Street Cleaning Vehicles - Equipped With Velodyne Lidar Sensors


Gocator 2530 continues the signature high speed 3D blue laser profiling and compact design of the 2500 series-with a wider field of view and larger measurement range for more cost-effective implementation

Wind River Labs Unveiled to Drive Developer Innovation at the Intelligent Edge

-Developer-focused site provides access to software projects, proofs-of-concept, open source integrations, experimental software, and first-ever freely available VxWorks® SDK. -ROS 2 for VxWorks and Wind River® Linux, OpenCV for VxWorks, and TensorFlow for Wind River Linux headline the available projects. -Wind River Labs complements company's comprehensive software portfolio that supports a diverse range of developer journeys, from prototype to design and development to deployment.

hIOTron Presents Six Key Insights for Successful IoT Product Development

hIOTron presents six insights that will help you to build IoT Product successfully and also empower you to effectively drive recurring revenue.

Czech Armed Forces and Hungarian Defence Forces to speak at Future Armoured Vehicles Central and Eastern Europe

SMi Reports: Agenda updates released for Future Armoured Vehicles Central and Eastern Europe Conference

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